Friday, April 12, 2013

She is officially registered!

Wednesday April 10th FINALLY came.... the day my girl has been asking about for months now....Kindergarten Registration!!!!!  I went to the gym at 5 am and got home at 6 am......only to find Micah Claire standing in our pitch black kitchen waiting on me.  I said WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP?!?!? She smiled big as Dallas and said I am ready to go my Kindergarten Registration.  She then immediately said...Oh yeah and my other front tooth is wiggling like crazy.  I said Oh Micah Claire and she replied.... Mommy please don't cry.  Cracked me up!!!!!
 Her registration time wasn't 9:30, so she had to go to school for a little over an hour.  When I picked her up she was bouncing off the walls with excitement!!!! 
 She was more than ready for all the stations they had set up!
 She couldn't wait to show the dentist that her new big girl tooth and the new "wiggly" tooth she has!
 Height, weight, BMI
 Temperature check
 Pulse check
 Blood pressure check
 Right ear.........
 Left ear
 Listening to those strong lungs
 Lastly the vision check which she passed with flying colors!
A little over an hour later and our baby girl was officially registered for Kindergarten! She is over the moon about going to Kindergarten which makes my happy. But it just pains my heart to know she old enough to go to real school.  Her school isn't big, but it's not small either. This mommy's mind races with worries for her and my eyes fill with tears when I think about her being such a small fish in a big pond and having new responsibilities.  But her heart is exploding with exciting dreams about what kindergarten will be like! We have started praying for her to get a good teacher. She said...... Mommy why should we pray about that, I am sure all the teachers are good or they wouldn't be there.  Oh my sweet baby, I pray you are right!