Monday, April 1, 2013

She lost a tooth!!!!

Micah Claire's bottom tooth has been getting looser and looser, then it started wiggling  then it was just hanging on by a thread. On March 20th she asked her daddy to help her pull it. Daddy told her to ask mommy and it TOTALLY caught me off guard.  I thought about it for one second a few minuets and said NO!  I know the tooth was pretty much ready, but this mommy was in NO WAY ready for her first born to lose her first tooth.  The next day she begged and begged and I finally gave in.  Daddy got a warm wash cloth and touched it and she got cold feet. He stopped and asked her if she was really ready and she said YES DADDY! I started filming the event but really didn't think she would go through with it. I was in TOTAL shock when I realized it actual came out!!! It was such an exciting moment for her but it was very bitter sweet for this mommy!  

Luckily I took this picture on 3-20-13; it was the last picture she took with 
all those sweet baby teeth in place!

And the first tooth was OUT and she offically became a big girl!!! (please excuse Kinley crying in the background; she was in time out and as you can hear she was NOT happy about that)
Look at this new smile; That is a truly happy little girl!
She wasn't even upset by the little bit of blood that came out (typically blood FREAKS her out)!

She Could not wait to call and text everybody to let them know and of course Nana, Poppa, Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie all RUSHED right over to check it out!!!!

Just moments after the tooth was out she was ready to write her letter to the tooth fairy  She the "Dear" part and "Love Micah Claire"....she can out of room so she put "Cowart" above Micah Claire....CRACKED ME UP!!! She wanted to take her tooth to school that next Monday and I really wanted to keep her first tooth so we decided to ask the tooth fairy if she could PLEASE leave the tooth;lol! She wanted to write "please leave me LOTS of money" but we talked about how it's not nice to ask for money! But you can't blame a girl for trying ;-)
She put her tooth in a zip lock.... no idea where that idea came from but we went with it!

She couldn't wait to go to bed.  I thought it would take her forever to fall asleep but I was wrong... she was out pretty quick!
She woke to find the tooth fairy had come.... she left her a hot pink glitter dollar and 5 gold dollars!!!!
Thanks Tooth Fairy for making our baby girl so happy!  She is VERY ready for her next tooth to fall out!!!!


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