Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break 2013

I took 3 days off at the end of March to spend Spring Break with the girls.The week before spring break was warm and beautiful so we planned lots of fun outdoor things to do. But of course Arkansas weather can and does change on a dime. We had one pretty day but it was SUPER windy and the next 2 days and the weekend were cold and rainy and we even had SLEET!!! Even though we had to re-plan our activities to more indoor stuff, we had a great time!!!

Wednesday we loaded up and head to Hot Spirngs. Our first stop....Jump City!!!

The last time we went Kinley made to the top and wouldn't slide....but this time she wasn't scared at all!!
Sissy wanted to slide with her
but she made her go down first
Belly little dare devil!

I expected Kinley to chicken out and climbe back down but she DIDN'T!!!!
I expcted her to be scared and upset when she got the bottom but she wasn't ! She was so excited and went back for more!! She even got brave once and went down on her tummy like Micah Claire did!!!

MC was dying to climbe the wall but it wasn't suppose to open till noon and we planned on being gone by then. But to our surprise they decided to open it up at 11am and she was the first one up!!!

She was so excited; not nervous one bit!!!!
She made it all the way to the top in no time and rang that bell like crazy!  I was one proud mommy!!!

For the first time ever I gave them so coins to play some of the games.  And they LOVED it!!!

Then we loaded up and headed to West Mountain for a picnic.

Then we hit the mall to look for some spring out fits!

The Easter Bunny was there and we tired to see him.  MC jumped right in lap but poor Kinley bugs was scared to death!  He tried to reach out and give her five and she about decapitated him and clawed me to death!

And we finished the day with a trip to Orange Leaf for a sweet treat!!!!

Now that's a girl who enjoyed her pineapple flavored yogurt with m&ms!

We spent Thursday doing some MAJOR spring cleaning that wore us all completely out! Friday we spent the day just hanging out because it was super cold. So Saturday we loaded up and headed to Little Rock for a day of skating and ice skating!

We stopped for lunch at chick-fil-a. They got some super cute 3-D glasses in the kids meal!

MC's first roller skating experience. She was super excited but VERY nervous.

They had some really neat "walker" type things to help them and help them it did! They both got around that rink like crazy with them!!

We event talked daddy in to putting his skate on; he had to borrow MC's "walker" to help out;lo!

After an hour of roller skating we headed next door to ice skate!!!
Thank goodness we brought our gloves because it was SUPER cold!

Kinley made one lap around the floor and decided ice skating was not for her. So we opted to sit out with daddy and drink hot chocolate and Skittles!
Ice skating by daddy and sister!

After a few laps MC finally relaxed and got the hang of it!