Saturday, April 13, 2013

You're Now A Fun Time Girl

Kinley bugs has waiting for months to go to Ms. Mae's with sissy!  The day was soon approaching so we had a few things to take care of for the big day!!!

 A week before the big day a special package came for Ms. Kinley.................
 To her surprise....................
 It was very own Minnie Mouse Nap Mat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 She couldn't get it open fast enough and lap down on it! She was tickled it came with a built in pillow!!!
 Melts my heart to see her nap on this big girl mat!
 We rolled it up and put it away for the big day!!!!!!!!
 Then it was time for trim!!!!

 The front was chin length but the back was all kinds of lengths!!!!
 So the Friday before we started at Fun Times we made a visit to see Ms. Taylor

 With sucker in mouth.....she sat oh so still!!!!!
 Ta-dah!!! The SUPER cute new bob!!!!!!!

Finally back to all one length!!!!

 She was so excited about her new do. She kept making take pictures of it and then show her the picture!

 FINALLY Monday March 25 came!!!!! She now gets to eat breakfast at home like a big girl!!! Mommy made special blueberry muffins to celebrate the occasion!
 My big girl on her first day at school!!!
 MC was so excited to have Kinley there!
 Kinley bugs taking in her extra bag of clothes and stuff for her new locker!
 Sweet sisters finally together! PRECIOUS!
 MC walked Kinley around and introduced her to all the big kids; melted my heart!
 A few hours into the day Ms. Mae text me these 2 pictures to show me what a BLAST Kinley was having!
And of course she had to stick her tongue out in of those pictures! 

 Day Two.... she ran right in and started playing!!!!

 Day three, she was too busy to even take a picture.........but I pretended to cry and got......
 This sweet smile!!!
 Day Four she made me stay and hear her sing their morning songs!  We made it all week with NO TEARS!!!  Everyday I would ask how her day was and she would say..... I had fun at Ms. Mae's but I miss my friends at AJ's.  And finally after 2 weeks at Ms. Mae's......................
 Her buddy Madi got to start and she was in HEAVEN!!!!! Now she is trying to patiently wait for her buddies Macy and Emmett to join her and the entire gang will be back together!!!!

 LOVE these two silly, precious girls! I am so glad they have made the change to their new daycare so easily!
 My sweet Kinley bugs, we are so proud of you!  You made this transition so easily and you are already learning so much!  We love you to the moon and back! You are now officially a Fun Time Girl!!!!