Tuesday, May 7, 2013

31 months

Last Wednesday my baby girl turned 31 months old. This last month has just flown by. With me back working full time, gymnastics twice a week, softball practice, and softball games we b-u-s-y! 
Kinley it seems you are learning new things everyday. This month you have learned all the sounds that each letter makes; you walk around saying A...aaaaa. apple; B.....baaaaa, banana! You tell us everyday that your teeth are lose, they are about to fall out and the tooth fairy will be coming to see ya; cracks us up! As soon as I pick you up from school you hop in the car and LOVE to tell me all about your day. You start with, who pooped their pants, who went to time out and why they did, what you had for lunch, and of course all the sweet treats Ms. Mae gives you! You now insist on saying your prayers (God is Great) at every meal; if we say our normal family prayer you get very upset at us! You still love gymnastics but you tell me EVERY DAY that you want to be a ballerina and wear "tappie shoes" (tap shoes). You say the most sarcastic things without even thinking about it; and you can't even talk without rolling your eyes. You told me today that Cade was your boyfriend and part of me laughed so hard and the other part said.....Oh brother here we go again.... another boy crazy girl in this house;haha!! Kinley Beth you are a total mess and we love ya bunches


Finally.... my sweet girl

Oh so serious;lol!

Oh goodness here it comes..........

I mean seriously Kinley.... you kill me!!!!

Awwww there's my girl and her sweet smile!
Melts my heart!

Be still my heart!!!! P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S!!!!!