Tuesday, May 7, 2013

4 months away from 6

Micah Claire I have no idea how many months old you are because my brain has shut down for the day;lol! But I can tell ya you are only 4 months away from being 6 years old.  SIX YEARS OLD.... goodness I thought five years old was hard to say; but six makes a lump come up in my throat!  You are starting to read and put several words together and it is amazing! You are pumped about going to Kindergarten and are counting the months till you start!!! This last month you have really amazed me with how much you have matured. On Monday's you have gymnastics for an hour then an hour long softball game. Last year you would have fallen apart during the middle of the game; but this year you handling it so well! You are SOOOOOO into lotion, perfume, jewelry and hair right now that it almost drives me over the edge some days!!!! 

You saw this hair style on the bobbie pin package and you wore your hair like this for a week striaght.  You say.... mommy doesn't this look good???!??!?! And it takes all I have to keep a straight face and say....Yes baby it does!
On April 23rd I no more walked into your class room and you knocked me down trying to show me that you other bottom tooth had fallen out. As excited as I was for you it pained me to know I missed it happening!
TWO bottom gone....Such a big girl!!!!
And of course the tooth fairy showed up...... and this time she brought ya a green glittery FIVE dollar bill!!!
You have really taken to running this month and have begged me to take ya running! You LOVE it when cars pass us and honk and/or holler at ya; you just smile really big and giggle!
YES... you totally dressed yourself for this run! I can honestly say you could be seen for miles away by on coming traffic;LOL!!!!!
And what better way to celebrate another month under your belt than with a kids one mile run!

Saturday morning I woke at 6:20am to you standing over me. You said...Mommy I'm dressed, ate 1/2 a banana, and brushed my teeth! All I need for you to do is tie my shoes and I am ready for my race! Had it not been so early and hard your race not been 3 hours away I probably would have laughed till my belly hurt.

Mommy and Daddy ran the 5K (or the "big kids race" as you call it)
And then it was time for the kids run.  Kinley has been asking and asking to run with you and me so we finally decided to let her run!!!

But what's a race if ya don't get a little face paint on before your run!
Family picture at the start line!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Thanks Aunt Ash!!!!
You did an amazing job! You ran the entire time and never stopped or complained about being tired!
On our third lap we caught up to Kinley and daddy!  She thought she was such a big girl and daddy said she loved when the crowed cheered for her!!!
My sweet family finishing the race together!!! MELTS my heart; there is no place I would have rather been or anything else I would have rather been doing!!!!

Picture Perfect!!!!
Oh my baby girl...where have you gone. You are growing up right in front of my eyes and it breaks my heart!