Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Farmers we are.......Well Kinda

Last week Shawn and I had lunch at Subway in Wal-Mart and we had some free time to kill so we walked around the garden section.  To my surprise we found a "mini garden" set for less than four bucks, so of course we scooped it up for the girls!

They were amazed to see the compressed potting soil come alive in the water!

One HAPPY little girl!

Then it was time to open the seeds
cracks me up!
Micah Claire got to write the name of all the veggies we were planting!
I just love to see her writing; it's big and sometimes sloppy but totally precious!

MC being so precisie and cautious;lol!
And Kinley bugs throwing caution to the wind and dirt EVERYWHERE!

After we potted them all we took the outside for some sun!!!

The girls have had a blast watering their veggies everyday
Everyday they rush to see if anything has Popped up yet. The first 4 days they were super sad that nothing had happened yet..............

 But on the 5th day little sprouts were visible and Finally one week later we have major growth!!!
 I so hope these actual make some kind of edible veggies because these girls are dying to eat some!