Monday, May 27, 2013

Gulf Shores: Day 1

After several hundred miles/ 10 hours on the road....... WE MADE IT!!!!! 
I was amazed at how fabulous the girls were during the trip!!!

 I know more got the car in Park and out they sprung.
 Da Beach, Da Beach is all my sweet Kinley bugs could say in between her squeals!!! This is her first time at the Ocean!
 Kinley was beside herself with anticipation to get in that water! She was so upset we had to unpack, change clothes and get a snack before we could head down to "da beach!"

 Our totally fabulous view!!!!
 I could hardly get them to stop to take a few pictures, they were for that ocean water
 My sweet baby beyond excited!!!

 MC said...Last picture mommy, we are heading to the ocean;lol!
 And ran they did.... straight for it and squealing with excitement! Makes the long trip ALL worth it!
 Kinley bugs loved every second................
 until that first big wave took her down and rolled right over her;lol!
 But she cried for a second and then was over it and right back into it!!!
 I love how kids shiver and have the chills and you it cold???  And they say Oh no not at all;lol!

 My baby girl looking so grown :(
 After dinner we headed back down to the beach to lay in the chairs and listen to the marvelous waves!
The moon provided a beautiful show for us!  This place is like heaven on earth I tell ya!