Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gulf Shores: Day 4

Tuesday morning headed to The Hang out for a pirate and princess breakfast! That place is too cool
 and has so much fun stuff for kids. I was impressed at 33 years old so I can
 only imagine how impressed the kids where!

MC's first bite of a Benyas!

And she LOVED it!!!
KB loved it too. It was my first time to eat one too and OMG...... it was amazing!  I could have eaten my weight in them!!!
Pirate Jake and Princess Marissa! The kids were given two clues which lead them to the .......
Hidden treasure chest! All the kids got to pick a few treasurers from the box!
Group picture with Jake and Marissa!

Jake came around and gave every kid an eye patch and a bandanna!

My big kid getting in on the picture action
Daddy and MC

Group picture!

Daddy and his girls hanging out in the shark's mouth

After breakfast and some light shopping we hit the beach again!!!

My loves!!!! <3 p="">
Sand Castle building.....such concentration;lol!

The finished product.....perfect!
Then Kinley bugs turned into a human bulldozer and wrecked it all!
Then it was dinner time at Tacky Jacks!!!

MC's attempt at being our family photographer!

Tacky Jacks is covered in all colors of duck tape that you get to we had to leave our mark!
So sweet to see! Hope it's still there next time we come!
MC wanted to make her own version and leave it too!!!

IT says....Micah Claire, Kinley, Brooke, Shawn, then has 2 hearts! The imperfections make it perfect!!!!
She put her strip of tape girth by ours; LOVE it!!!!