Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gulf Shores: Day 5 Continued....

After we wrapped up family beach picture we headed back to the condo....... It was around 9:30 and Princess cousin Amy was still sound asleep............

and we just could NOT have MC pounced her!!!!

Then Aunt Kay set up her nail salon and gave all us girls pedicures!!!!
The headed down to Orange Beach for a Dolphin cruise!!!!!

MC thinks its soooo funny these days to not smile or even pout in pictures and it's about to drive me NUTS!
<3>3 <3 p="">
Gabrielle joying her ring pop while cruising at sea!
Finally a smile from MC!!!
Probably one of fav's of us two!!!!
KB's face TOTALLY cracks me UP!!!!!!!
Aunt Declan and Nana just hanging out on the boat!
My girls impatiently waiting to see a Dolphin!

What better way to pass the ride out to sea then with a rainbow Popsicle and........
an ice cream sandwich!!!!
Somebody has refused to take naps this entire week and just about crashed half way out to sea!

MC, Aunt Declan, and Gabrielle on the LOOK OUT!!!!
And finally we made it out into the sea and found dolphins!!!!
I mean...if I saw this and didn't know it was a pants would be HEAVILY soiled!!!! I have seen Jaws toooo many times in my life time!!!!

We saw several groups of dolphins.... I guess I should say "Pods" of dolphins (thanks for educating me Amy Jo). Even a tiny little baby dolphin that was sooooo precious!!!!
The girls even got to go up to the top deck where the captain was!
Future captain..........
and one in training!!!