Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

We have had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  We started out by having a great Cowart family dinner on Saturday night!

 My cute dinner dates!!!!

 Take one........
 Take two........
 Take three.....finally a decent picture!
 My first born child, I child I knew I would love but had no idea how much I would LOVE her; how much of my heart she consume; how much of my minutes, days, weeks, etc... would be consumed with love and worry for her.
 My cutie pies
 Makes my heart happy they are growing and are so hapy but it also breaks my heat to see just how fast they are growing up!

 PRECIOUS................ PRECIOUS..........PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

 Such a precious smile, a smile that lights up not only her face, but mine too!!!
 Melts my heart!

 Just to busy talking these days to stop and take a picture for her mommy!
 My second born, I had no idea I could love another little girl. But you stole my heart from the second I saw you! You are a ball full of energy, you keep us on our toes. You have a great dry sense of humor; you keep us laughing!

 BIG Time Cheesing!!!!

My sweet girls I love more than you will ever know! You give me great joy and challenge me daily to be a better person and better mother. My entire life I dreamed of becoming a mother and you have each made my dreams come true in your special way. Love you Micah Claire and Kinley Beth!!!!!