Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Zoo Trip with Greer!

Monday's weather was perfect and there was no better way to spend the day than at the zoo! We invited our favorite girl Greer to come with us! This was her very first trip to the zoo and we were very excited to show her the ropes!
 Kinley bugs was too cool for school Monday, so she we let her skip and hit the zoo;lol!
 And we made it to the zoo! MC loved getting to act like Greer's second mommy!
 This baby jumped in the stroller and was ready to see the allie-gay-tors and elephants!!!

 Three precious Cowart girls! I have waited for the day when we could all hang out like big girls and that day FINALLY came!!!

 My excited big girl....ready to get on the carousel!!!
 My little monkey, full of energy and excitement!!!
 Greer getting ready for her very first carousel ride!!!!
 Kinley kept saying....Mommy I am being brave; I'm riding all alone like a big girl!
 And the pro; saddled up and ready to ride!
 Greer was such a big girl; she wasn't nervous at all!
 She loved every minute of it!!!
 MC cheesing!

 So sweet to see all the girls sharing all this day and excitement!
MC and Greer having a blast!

 My little monkey on the big ole monkey!
 My two little monkeys are all smiles!

 Greer was on the move and loving every bit of the zoo!
 I mean precious is this!!!
 And Kinley bugs got to see two elephants! That put her over the moon with excitement!!!
 And then she got to see the ally-gay-tor!  She would have stayed there all day looking at him if I  would have let her!
 We go every year to the zoo and for FIVE years straight I have NEVER seen this turtle's head or him walk around. Monday he was up and all over the place!!!
 Kinley trying so hard to be tall enough to have her picture made in the scarecrow.  She was just a hair shy of making it; but I'm sure the next time we go she will be tall enough!
 MC was tall enough and make a cute scarecrow I think!
 My little sunflower!!

 World's cutest cow girl!!!!
 Poor Kinley bugs so wanted to be a big girl and be tall enough to take this picture; but yet again she was just a smidgen to short in the britches!

 My girls get soooooo excited about riding the train, if ya cant tell!
 Heaven help me!!!
 Cracks me up!!!

Greer getting ready for her first train ride! So many new and exciting things for this sweet baby!!

MC so excited to sit all by herself on the train!!!

 All aboard!!!!
 Greer had a blast and loved every second of the ride!
 Mommy and her girls on the train ride! Always one of my favorite things to do at the zoo!!

 LOVE this!!! Thanks Aunt Paige!!!
 Lunch time= girls get chocolate milk and were instantly happy girls!!!
Chocolate milk mustache; precious!!!!

 The Cowart girls checking out the giraffe..............
 Mr. Giraffe put on a great show for us and we loved it!!!
 LOVE this!!!
 Makes me my heart do back flips! So sweet, innocent, and excited about everything!

 Oh the put on great show for the girls and.........
 Kinley bugs LOVED it!!!!!
 And we always finish up our zoo trip with a good ole snow cone...or snow man as Kinley calls it!
 Oh the sugar rush;lol!
 And sweet Greer got her first snow cone too!!!!
And it was love at first bite for her!!!
We feel very blessed to have been apart of some many "Firsts" for this baby on Monday! Here's to many more zoo trips with cousin Greer!!!