Monday, June 17, 2013

Family Fun Pictures

All Poppa Stan wanted for Father's Day was a picture of all 3 grand of course that is just what he got!  I have to say this photo shoot went WAY better than the one we attempted last year!  

MC, Cooper, and KB!
Cooper cracks me up! I am sure he was thinking to myself.....what is this lady's deal, why does she needs all these pictures of me;lol!
Blowing kiss
Cooper showing some leg and Kinley doing....what Kinley does
These knuckle heads crack me up!!!

Just tooooo sweet!

We finally talked KB into getting into a picture.
 MC looking half grown

 Oh Kinley this face kills me!

 Coop looking like a big boy these days!

Cooper's like....really more pictures....uhhhh shoot me!

Just to sweet

Aunt Ashley apparently said something that made Coop SUPER excited!
Coop totally chessin!
Coop peting KB's head;so sweet!
My sweet girls!
This one is going to blown up SUPER big and put on my wall!!!

Yesterday Cooper turned TWO YEARS OLD!!! He is such a character and brings lots of joy and laughter to our family!  We love you to the moon and back Cooper Powell! You are an amazing gift from God and we can't wait to see how much you grow this next year!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My first ever COMBO Month: Because I'm just lazy

After an eight day vacation followed by a week of vacation bible school and me preparing for a new job...... I am B-E-A-T!!! And because this Mommy is beat.....she for the first (and maybe not the last) is doing a combo month post.  Kinley bugs you turned 32 months old and Micah Claire you turned 69 months old.  Yalls birthday's are getting so close. I can't believe in just a few short months I will officially have a 3 year old and 6 year old....WOW!!!! 
Kinley bugs I don't even know where to start with you; you crack me up me soooo many times a day! You love to play "ta-rot-ie" or as we call it Karate!!!!You had a blast a vacation bible school last week. You aren't three yet but they still let you go do some of the activities with the 3 year old and you were tickled! You also started going to children's church on Sunday mornings, instead of the nursery. You LOVE it in there and you think you are SUCH a big girl for getting to go to children's church like sissy does! Last week we had to stand in your closet door way, where we marked your height on the door jam...... Daddy and I were AMAZED to see that you had grown 3-4 inches in the last 8 months.  You love to be outside and love to be in the pool or a water sprinkler. You are still terribly terrified of dogs and we so hope you out grow that soon.

I mean this face just CRACKS me up!

Apparently she was totally put out with me asking her to pose on the steps;lol!

So sweet!
My little camera ham!

You just look so grown up and it kills me Kinley Bugs!

Micah Claire you have grown and changed so much this year. It seems like everyday you learn something new and it just floors me!  You have just taken off with reading and it totally shocks me! You had an amazing time at vacation bible school last week. We started a nightly bible study with you and Kinley a few weeks ago you are learning and remembering so much.  It makes my heart so very happy that you are falling in love with God and his word! I pray you grow up to be a God loving and fearing woman.  You ask me a hundred times a week when will Kindergarten start, when will you find out who your teacher is, and questions about what kindergarten will be like.  I am very excited that you are ready for kindergarten and I can't wait to see how much you learn!  But it makes my eyes fill with tears to think about walking you into that big ole school in less than 3 months!
Sweet smiles!
My big girl just keeps looking bigger and old :(

Kinley.... I mean really....what is this face about?!?!? LOL

My crazy, silly, sweet baby girls!!!!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gulf Shores:Day 6 & 7

Thursday morning Shawn and I were sitting on the balcony and he was playing around with stuff the girls got from the Hang Out's Breakfast with Pirates.  Kinley woke up and came out side to see us. She climbed up into daddy's lap and gave him a look like what is wrong with you and then laid down on him; precious!

 We only thought Wednesday's waves were bad..... but Thursday's waves showed us just how bad it could get.
 This picture does no justice to the size and pull of the waves.  We adults couldn't even stand up in them.
 So we loaded up the girls and took them down the road to a inland cove. The water was calm and very shallow so Kinley had a blast!

 Them MC asked us to bury her.....and bury her we did!!!
 And of course Kinley has to do everything MC we buried her too!
 After all that burying we had to rise off.... and dear LORD that was cold! I have no idea how my kids swam in that water for over an hour!
 We had to condo till Saturday but it was suppose to rain all day Friday and Saturday; so we decided to load up and come home Friday. We figured the best way to start off our 10 hour road trip was with a trip to Krispy Kreme!!!
 This was the girls first trip there and there were amazed to see all the doughnuts and how they were made!
 OMG I wish I could just live there!!!! They are sinfully delicious!!!!

After 4 stops and almost 10 hours on the road we made it home with NO crying and No fussing or fighting which is NOTHING short of a miracle!!!!! Gulf Shores 2013 was a blast; we can't  wait till our next trip!!!