Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gulf Shores:Day 6 & 7

Thursday morning Shawn and I were sitting on the balcony and he was playing around with stuff the girls got from the Hang Out's Breakfast with Pirates.  Kinley woke up and came out side to see us. She climbed up into daddy's lap and gave him a look like what is wrong with you and then laid down on him; precious!

 We only thought Wednesday's waves were bad..... but Thursday's waves showed us just how bad it could get.
 This picture does no justice to the size and pull of the waves.  We adults couldn't even stand up in them.
 So we loaded up the girls and took them down the road to a inland cove. The water was calm and very shallow so Kinley had a blast!

 Them MC asked us to bury her.....and bury her we did!!!
 And of course Kinley has to do everything MC we buried her too!
 After all that burying we had to rise off.... and dear LORD that was cold! I have no idea how my kids swam in that water for over an hour!
 We had to condo till Saturday but it was suppose to rain all day Friday and Saturday; so we decided to load up and come home Friday. We figured the best way to start off our 10 hour road trip was with a trip to Krispy Kreme!!!
 This was the girls first trip there and there were amazed to see all the doughnuts and how they were made!
 OMG I wish I could just live there!!!! They are sinfully delicious!!!!

After 4 stops and almost 10 hours on the road we made it home with NO crying and No fussing or fighting which is NOTHING short of a miracle!!!!! Gulf Shores 2013 was a blast; we can't  wait till our next trip!!!