Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Surprise.....Tooth #4

Ok, so if you don't...I totally suffer from OCD. I like things planned to a tee and I am NOT a fan of surprises!  And that pretty much so goes every thing and every aspect of my life. So, when MC thinks her tooth is about to fall out. I take one last "with my tooth picture," then video the tooth coming out, then the "here I am without the tooth" picture.  Makes TOTAL since to me; covers all the bases.  Well, last Friday night we were all hanging out in the back yard and she walks up with her tooth just dangling from her mouth. Which TOTALLY grossed me up so I turned my head.  And as I did that Shawn says just pull she DID!!!!!!!!!!! OMG did that really just freaking happen. I got no "last picture" and NO VIDEO!!!!!!! UHHHHHHH it upset me so! But MC could have cared less that I did not "properly" document this momentous occasion.  She was tickled to lose another tooth and that she pulled it ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!
 She she little toothless child, all smiles and so proud of herself!
 L-O-V-E this toothless little gapped grin!
Every time she loses a tooth I am just in shock at how small they are; precious little tooth!
 She couldn't wait to get to sleep so the tooth fairy would come!!! She heard me at 6am Saturday morning and it woke her.  She sprang up and couldn't find her money any where!!!! She was so upset.  She said... Momma did the tooth fairy just take my tooth and forget to leave me a prize??? I just laughed. She said... Mommy it's not funny; that's so not very nice of the tooth fairy to do that!  She had the saddest little look on her face, it was SOOO hard to not bust out laughing at her!  My dad was on the way over to watch the girls while we went for a run. So I told her get dressed and brush your teeth before Papaw gets here........................
 She walked off sad and not 5 seconds later I heard a SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy the tooth fairy left my prize in my bathroom!!! She jumped up on the sink and grabbed the money off the mirror and was in awe that the tooth fairy left a heart with her initials on the mirror.  And she she laughed and said..Mommy the tooth fairy left #4 on the mirror and I am 5....that's so silly of her.  I said... well maybe that is a 4 because it your 4th tooth to lose.  Oh yeah she said and ran off to show daddy and sissy her tooth fairy money!

Monday, July 22, 2013

My guppy/dolphin

For the last two weeks Micah Claire has been taking swim lessons and LOVING it!  I have to admit I knew she needed them but wasn't she she was really at the stage that it would do any good.  But boy was I wrong!!! This child is amazing and learned so much!!!
MC and MG trying to patiently wait for swim lessons to start!
Waiting in line for the first jump off the low dive with NO life jacket!!! That is one excited little girl!
A slight pause made me wonder if she was gonna chicken out.............
but off she went...........
SPLASH DOWN!!! And then she swam back to the wall all by herself!!!! And the next day she went off the high dive TWICE all by herself.  I was totally shocked at how brave she was being!  Made this mommy EXTREMELY PROUD!!!

And of course the spit fire, little sister had a blast at swim lessons too but was very upset she couldn't take them.  She kept telling me..... I'm five mommy, I can go swim with sissy!
MC totally clowning!
Cracking me up

These two knuckle heads will officially start kindergarten in less than one month...YIKES!!!
Thursday was her last day and was super sad it was over but excited for the awards ceremony!
Hi Fives from Coach Baylee!
All grins!
Showing off her certificates! She mastered the Guppy level and a few skills on the dolphin level!
MC and MG....official guppies and part dolphins!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Monster's University and Red Lobster!

Two weeks ago a commercial for Monster's University come on and MC about jumped out of her skin when she saw it.  She squealed..... MOMMY will you PLEEEEEAAASSSE take me to see that movie. It totally caught me off guard because she has never seemed interested in movies and the one time her Mimi took her to see a movie she didn't make it half way through the movie before she asked to leave.  But she asked so we went to see it this past Saturday!
 This was Kinley's first ever movie experience and we were really nervous she wasn't not gonna do well.........
 But much to our surprise she did FANTASTIC!!!! The movie was cute and funny and the girls LOVED it!!! Along with their diet coke, m&m's and gummy worms.
 Then it was time for dinner so we dined at Red Lobster!  Our typical dinner experience usually goes: somebody spills something, somebody gets a spanking and cries, stress, stress, and more stress BUT this time was different. It was probably the BEST dinner out we have EVER had since having kids and it was AWESOME!!! It may never happen again so I will totally savor that experience!
 MC totally goofing off in our picture; she is such a jokester these days!
 And what else so goes with all that movie candy....... brownie a-la-mode of course!
Taking to take a picture of us with the dessert and I had to hold the plate at an angle to get it in the shot.... and MC noticed before me.....
That the ice cream was sliding off the plate;lol!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Family Pictures

 Let me tell ya why I LOVE this picture! I got Kinley's dress ready last Saturday night and then got MC's dress out and she says... Mommy do I have a dress to match Kinley's? 
Our sweet girls looking so grown up!

 Oh Kinley this evil little look cracks me up!
 And apparently cracked you up too;lol!

 There ya go again Kinley bugs.... you are such a nut!
 Daddy and his sweet girls!!!!
My baby girls!

2 months away from 6 years old!!!!

Only 2 months to our first born is SIX YEARS OLD!! Man that is a VERY  hard pill to swallow and a very hard number for this mommy to say.

so sweet
My baby girl is so big

Photo bomb #1 by little sis
And photo bomb #2.......cracks me up!!!
Such a pretty and sweet smile!!!

 OMG and this last month you lost another tooth..... that makes 3 in about 3 months! You are on a row. And as I am typing this you just showed me another wiggly tooth!!!!
 You have the tooth fairy routine down pat! You love to put your tooth in a zip lock bag that you decorated!
 And the tooth fairy delivered yet again and you were TICKLED pink!!!!!!!!!

This last month you stopped doing cheer/tumbling and you joined the Hot Shots gymnastics team.  You have been out of gymnastics for over a year and half and I have reallllly been sad about that. But this summer you have fallen back in love with gymnastics and you have done AMAZING! I have been so impressed with your hard work and dedication. You have learned so many new skills and you love the bars!!!!
 You also started swim lessons which is bitter sweet for me. I want ya to learn how to swim safely but I don't want to you get overly confident in your skills.  I have always been a basket case when it comes to you around water.  But you have done wonderful! You can now swim from one end of the poor to other end all by yourself with no life jacket or floaties!
 You love our water park too! You love that you can now jump off the diving board like a big girl and swim to the ladder!
 You got a Special delivery while we were camping during the 4th of July; I tried to surprise you with it but........
 As soon as you started tearing it open you knew it was your backpack for kindergarten! LOVE this look on your face, such pure excitement!!!
And there it is!!!! She where beyond excited about it!!! Hopefully your matching lunch box arrives soon. Are over the moon about starting kindergarten.  You ask me long till I go, when do I find out who my teacher is.  You are going to have so much fun!!! This month your reading has really taken off and you are starting to do some simple addition. It is truly amazing to just sit and watch you do math. In my mind I know you are 2 months away from being 6... but my heart says you are my baby who just took her first steps just a few months ago. Love you Claire Bear!!!!