Sunday, July 7, 2013

Magic Springs

Last Friday, when the tummy bug finally exited our house (so we thought) we loaded up and went to Magic Springs. Shawn and I haven't in many, many years and the girls have never been, so we were SUPER excited.  Well as excited as you can be after having the tummy bug and then hanging out in 100 plus degree weather;lol!
Kinley bugs waiting oh so patiently for the gates to open!!
MC sporting her shades and looking oh too cool!
And we had a surprise visitor while we were waiting in line....DORA!!!!!
Our girls ready to hit the park!!!!

Mommy and KB on the little kids Farris wheel!
Daddy and MC on the Farris wheel!

My sweet fam!

Don't ya love it when the kids ask you to ride with them.....and oh dear lord those seats are SMALL!! But ya cram yourself in anyways and smile like you are not in any pain and worried if you will ever get out once the ride stops...... oh the life of a mom ;-)
Then it was time for the LOG RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Trying hard to get the entire family into the shot....almost successful;LOL!!!!
MC was super brave and rode lots of the adult rides....even the pirate ship and she loved it!!!!

We rode rides for hours and even hit the water park up for over an hour and they were worn slap-dab-out.  I didn't even get the car in reverse and KB was OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
MC made it a few blocks and crashed herself!!!!!