Friday, July 19, 2013

Monster's University and Red Lobster!

Two weeks ago a commercial for Monster's University come on and MC about jumped out of her skin when she saw it.  She squealed..... MOMMY will you PLEEEEEAAASSSE take me to see that movie. It totally caught me off guard because she has never seemed interested in movies and the one time her Mimi took her to see a movie she didn't make it half way through the movie before she asked to leave.  But she asked so we went to see it this past Saturday!
 This was Kinley's first ever movie experience and we were really nervous she wasn't not gonna do well.........
 But much to our surprise she did FANTASTIC!!!! The movie was cute and funny and the girls LOVED it!!! Along with their diet coke, m&m's and gummy worms.
 Then it was time for dinner so we dined at Red Lobster!  Our typical dinner experience usually goes: somebody spills something, somebody gets a spanking and cries, stress, stress, and more stress BUT this time was different. It was probably the BEST dinner out we have EVER had since having kids and it was AWESOME!!! It may never happen again so I will totally savor that experience!
 MC totally goofing off in our picture; she is such a jokester these days!
 And what else so goes with all that movie candy....... brownie a-la-mode of course!
Taking to take a picture of us with the dessert and I had to hold the plate at an angle to get it in the shot.... and MC noticed before me.....
That the ice cream was sliding off the plate;lol!