Monday, July 22, 2013

My guppy/dolphin

For the last two weeks Micah Claire has been taking swim lessons and LOVING it!  I have to admit I knew she needed them but wasn't she she was really at the stage that it would do any good.  But boy was I wrong!!! This child is amazing and learned so much!!!
MC and MG trying to patiently wait for swim lessons to start!
Waiting in line for the first jump off the low dive with NO life jacket!!! That is one excited little girl!
A slight pause made me wonder if she was gonna chicken out.............
but off she went...........
SPLASH DOWN!!! And then she swam back to the wall all by herself!!!! And the next day she went off the high dive TWICE all by herself.  I was totally shocked at how brave she was being!  Made this mommy EXTREMELY PROUD!!!

And of course the spit fire, little sister had a blast at swim lessons too but was very upset she couldn't take them.  She kept telling me..... I'm five mommy, I can go swim with sissy!
MC totally clowning!
Cracking me up

These two knuckle heads will officially start kindergarten in less than one month...YIKES!!!
Thursday was her last day and was super sad it was over but excited for the awards ceremony!
Hi Fives from Coach Baylee!
All grins!
Showing off her certificates! She mastered the Guppy level and a few skills on the dolphin level!
MC and MG....official guppies and part dolphins!


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