Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Surprise.....Tooth #4

Ok, so if you don't...I totally suffer from OCD. I like things planned to a tee and I am NOT a fan of surprises!  And that pretty much so goes every thing and every aspect of my life. So, when MC thinks her tooth is about to fall out. I take one last "with my tooth picture," then video the tooth coming out, then the "here I am without the tooth" picture.  Makes TOTAL since to me; covers all the bases.  Well, last Friday night we were all hanging out in the back yard and she walks up with her tooth just dangling from her mouth. Which TOTALLY grossed me up so I turned my head.  And as I did that Shawn says just pull she DID!!!!!!!!!!! OMG did that really just freaking happen. I got no "last picture" and NO VIDEO!!!!!!! UHHHHHHH it upset me so! But MC could have cared less that I did not "properly" document this momentous occasion.  She was tickled to lose another tooth and that she pulled it ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!
 She she little toothless child, all smiles and so proud of herself!
 L-O-V-E this toothless little gapped grin!
Every time she loses a tooth I am just in shock at how small they are; precious little tooth!
 She couldn't wait to get to sleep so the tooth fairy would come!!! She heard me at 6am Saturday morning and it woke her.  She sprang up and couldn't find her money any where!!!! She was so upset.  She said... Momma did the tooth fairy just take my tooth and forget to leave me a prize??? I just laughed. She said... Mommy it's not funny; that's so not very nice of the tooth fairy to do that!  She had the saddest little look on her face, it was SOOO hard to not bust out laughing at her!  My dad was on the way over to watch the girls while we went for a run. So I told her get dressed and brush your teeth before Papaw gets here........................
 She walked off sad and not 5 seconds later I heard a SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy the tooth fairy left my prize in my bathroom!!! She jumped up on the sink and grabbed the money off the mirror and was in awe that the tooth fairy left a heart with her initials on the mirror.  And she she laughed and said..Mommy the tooth fairy left #4 on the mirror and I am 5....that's so silly of her.  I said... well maybe that is a 4 because it your 4th tooth to lose.  Oh yeah she said and ran off to show daddy and sissy her tooth fairy money!