Sunday, July 14, 2013

Two and three-fourths years old!!!!!!!!!

Kinley bugs you are officially 2 and three fourths year old...... you are getting soooo close to being THREE years old.  WOW, three years old. Can that really be possible?!?! You have turned into a mini-Micah Claire this month.  You repeat and do everything she does.  You love to tell us that you have a loose tooth, that a tooth feel out, that the tooth fairy is coming to see you, and that you are going to kindergarten in a few weeks.
When they coined the term "sugar, and spice" they totally meant that for you! You are the sweetest child in the world but you can flip that switch instantly and be a total handful!
When Micah Claire was your age, her blonde hair started getting dark but your hair has gotten lighter, and lighter, and pretty much turned WHITE!!!!!

Oh this picture is so you...... a dash of cuteness with a whole lot of spunk!

You know your a mess and it even cracks you up!
OH me Oh my ;)
Cracking me up!!!!
And then ya bust out in Red Rover, Red Rover and we all die laughing!!!!

You are soooo into baby dolls these days; You have to take at least one, sometimes two or three baby dolls EVERYWHERE we go!
 You L-O-V-E our local water park. You ask EVERYDAY to go there!!!

I mean.....there are no words to even describe this picture!  You are so full of energy and spunk it's almost overwhelming!!!!