Thursday, August 8, 2013

34 months old

My sweet Kinley Beth you are just inching closer to THREE years old! This last week we started discussing what kind of party you wanted to have.  You have changed your mind a HUNDRED times on the theme and where you want to have this party.  I have NO idea why I asked your opinion, I for some reason thought it was a good idea to ask your input and you would give me a simple answer and stick to that answer. But that is soooo not the case. You have asked to have another minnie mouse party, an Elmo party like Cooper, a Dora party, a Hello Kitty party, a ballerina party, and a Halloween party. You have asked to have your party at the HSU pool, at our house, at the city park, and at jump city.  Your ideas go on and on and on!!!
You are still a PILL! You are sweet as can be but still in the terrible two stage where everything in the world upsets you.  I am so hoping this terrible stage is gone soon! You love to sing and dance.  This month you have learned the song Your a Grand old Flag and you sing it all day long. We love to listen and crack up at what you think some of the lyrics are.  You want to do EVERYTHING Micah Claire does and you want to do EVERYTHING the way she does it.  MC likes to wear her hair down and straight these you want your hair the same way.  You say, Mommy I want my hair just like sissy's, no bow,no headband, just straight and pretty.  MC has a few chores now and you LOVE to do them with her.  She has even wised up and asked you do them for her and you so gracious agree, it totally cracks me up!!! You had a blast taking pictures this month; you got to pick every place and every pose!  Love you Kinley Bugs!
You REFUSED to take your 34 month pictures without your Mickey Mouse Piano book.....uhhhhhh!

Totally cheesing!
Take a picture of my foot mommy it's cute!  Oh Kinley Beth you are totally mess!!!!
PRECIOUS little girl!

You look so grown up with your hair like this :-(
Such sweetness!

You look like such a big girl these days!

You have had a BLAST at Fun Time this summer. You LOVE all the fun activities yall get to do in the summer like pj day, ice cream sundae day, and water gun day!

Madi, Emmett and Macy are still your BFFs but recently you stole, Paisley, on of sissy's friends.  It makes MC so mad that Paisley prefers to play with you over her some mornings at school!