Thursday, August 8, 2013

71 months old: Last month to be FIVE!!!!

Well Micah Claire Cowart.... this is it...your last month to 5 years old.  I can't believe the next time I do your monthly blog you will not only be SIX YEARS OLD but you will have been in Kindergarten for almost TWO weeks.  I love you more than words can even say and this month has just about put me over the edge.  I am pretty sure there has not been a day gone by this month that I didn't cry when I thought about you and your future.  You have figured me this month... when you see me bite the left side of my lip or see my nose turn red you immediately say... Momma are you crying again?  And I just laugh and say no baby and you say your lying momma and we both laugh.  The truth is I am crying and I cry SEVERAL times a day these days.  You are growing up quickly and I am so happy you are happy and healthy but it kills me to have to let go of you more and more everyday.  Yes, it's only Kindergarten but it's a big school and your my baby.  You have asked that I walk you in only two days and then let you go by your self.  The answer to that is not just not but H-E- DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NO!!!!  It's not because I don't trust you or think you can; it's because you are my baby girl and I want to protect you and watch over you everyday and every second. The truth is you are ready but I am just not, not even kinda. My heart aches all over when I think you walking down that long hall all alone, getting to leave class all by yourself to use the restroom, struggling to open things in your lunch box, and the list goes on and on my sweet girl!
This morning you asked me.... why don't you home school me till college mommy.  WOW... totally did not see that question coming.  And uhhhh the guilt I immediately felt....yeah why don't you home school Brooke, a good mom would...... Those are the thoughts that filled my head.  I just had to take a deep breath and say Lord help me here! The truth is I would love to home school you MC but it's just not best for you. I did not go to college to be a teacher, I went to college to be a dietitian.  But mom you taught kids at OBU....uhhh...yet another deep breath! Yes dear I did but I taught those girls how to be dietitians not school teachers.  You have an entire school full of highly trained teachers to do that.  Then a pause and "deep thought" look came over her face...... seconds later, okay mom that makes since.... and I would totally miss recess with my friends.  I couldn't help but bust out laughing at your answer!  Recess....yep the good ole days.... I miss those days and NAP time too!!!!
LOVE this little snaggle tooth look you sport MC!!!!

You can't talk without those dang hands a moving.... and I have NO IDEA where you get that from;lol!


This picture just shocks me..... you look so grown up here!

Oh dear Lord at you silliness!!!!
You came up with this hair do all by yourself..... cute and creative I must say MC!!!
You are finally starting to like braided hair again!!!!!!!
As soon as the put of the kindergarten supply list you were ready to do some shopping!!!
You wanted to push the buggy all by yourself........ but after you ran into TWO displays and a MAN we had to demote ya from that position!
Digging in!!!
So happy over 4 bottles of glue.....cracks me up!

You even scanned and bagged all your supplies!
You have just taken to gymnastics this month!  You love being back and are learning skills like crazy!
Back hip circle time!!!!
around she goes
and you did it! The 3rd try it did almost by yourself!!!!
And the letter you have been waiting for ALL SUMMER long finally came last Friday!!!! You are going to be in Mrs. Carter's class and you are beyond excited about having her!!!!
And what is summer without a trip to Davidson camp ground to visit our friends the Stocktons!!!! Some how these two girls have become straight BOY CRAZY!!! They spent a lot of time trying to get the attention of two older boys.....Lord helps us all!!!
MC, KB, and GK doing some SUPER cheer stunts;lol!
Sweet girls walking to church service......precious!!!