Sunday, August 25, 2013


I love that my girls LOVE to go fishing! So Saturday morning we loaded up and headed out to deer camp to do fishing!
My little fisherman!
 My big girl fisherman
 sweet, sweet, sweet
 She has her casting down pat these days!!!
Kinley will you get a cricket out for me...sure momma here ya go. No Kinley I mean pick one up and hand it to me.... NO WAY mommy that's nasty!!! LOL
She was the first one to cast and she immediately caught one!!!!!!!!
One happy girl!!! And she loved that the fish had a yellow belly!
Kinley's attempt to take a picture of my fish left me with no top to my head,lol!
My more experienced photographer MC took this one!
And then big sister caught one!!!! Poor daddy was to busy baiting pools, taking fish off, and fixing our hooks that it was over an hour before he even got to fish!
And you can't go fishing with out a sucker break.... so my husband says!
MC caught so many I lost count!!!
And then it happened....she caught the BIG ONE!!!! Her first ever catfish!!! She was scared to death of it!!!!
Look at that monster!!!
So proud of my big girl!!!!
My loves!
Saturday night me and MC decided to spend a little alone time together at the nail salon!!! She has had a few pedicures before but never at a place that had a kids chair and she LOVED IT!!!!
Trying to hold back that big ole smile!
My pedi partner!
She got the full out treatment!  Bubbles..........
A foot rub.........
And even a leg massage!!!
and FINALLY the finished product. She picked out the color and design all by herself!!!!
The came Sunday.... the final day before the start of Kindergarten!!!! Mommy and KB
Mommy and MC.....I love this gapped up smile!
My sweet girls!!!
Daddy and his crazy awesome crew!

Oh be still my heart! Where has the time gone
And why do my girls look half grown?  It is a love like no other, a love you can't explain nor duplicate, a love that knows no bounds, a love that just about drives you crazy some days, a love that is exhausting at times but it's true LOVE! Love for my precious gifts from God!!!!