Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting ready for the big day!

Last Tuesday was get it all done day.  We started our day at 9am at the allergist's office.  Over the last year we have tried a new medication dosage and added a nose spray with no luck so our only real option left is allergy shots! My poor child is so tired of her congestion that she said Mommy I want the shots. Bless her heart, you know it has to be bad for a kid to say just give me the shot.
 MC not so patiently awaiting Dr. Lou's arrival!
 Daddy smashing Kinley;lol!
 48 back sticks and NOT ONE TEAR!!!! I was so impressed about how well she did. This was the first time she hasn't had to be held down and was a bonus for me!
 Bless her heart she reacted to her normal stuff and a few new things. Basically the only thing she isn't allergic to is Pine and Cedar tress and dogs and cats.
 Dr. Lou wanted to make sure some of her new positives weren't false positives so she had to do 5 shots in the arm.  When Shawn and I saw the real needles both our eyes got big. MC was very nervous but did great; she had only a few tears fall down her face!
 Then at 11 we loaded up and head to the dentist. MC got her teeth cleaned at the same time as me so I got NO pictures...BOOO!!!! This was Kinley's first real visit and she LOVED it!!!!!
 She was such a good girl for Mrs. Cassie! No instrument or noise bothered her at all!
 And she got a great report from Dr. Childs...clean, pretty teeth with no cavities!
 We had a great lunch and a super short 30 min nap and then it was time for the back to school hair cuts!!!! Pre cut pics

 Oh MC you crack me up!

 She did not want to cut any of her hair but after all summer in the pool and swimming lessons we had to cut quite a bit off!

Such a camera ham!
 Post cut! MUCH healthier looking with 4 inches gone!
 Kinley's post pic!
 Thursday night was finally MC's open house....time to meet Mrs. Carter!  She was so excited to find her desk and take all her school supplies!
My precious little girl getting ready for a big new world!