Sunday, August 25, 2013

The first week of School!

8-19-13....The day I have dreaded for the last year....The day Micah Claire started Kindergarten!  She was up and at em at 6:40am. She was all smiles and excited to go to Kindergarten!

 One excited little Kindergartner!

 I had a great idea to take pictures on the drive way and chalked it all up Sunday night.
But I totally forgot how much sun that side of our house gets early in the morning so I didn't get the pictures I had planned for
 I tired a few angles but still get getting eyes closed or squinty eyes MC so she scrapped that idea!

 We only had a few mins alone till little sister was on the scene and ready for her pictures;lol!
 My little camera ham!
 After MC picked out her first day outfit, Kinley said she had to have a purple outfit like sissys....and of course I totally fell the bait and got her one;lol!


 My baby girl looking so grown up!



 My two loves!

 Sweet sister hugs!


 Where did my baby Kinley go?!?!?!
 When we got to school we found out Kinley had been moved up to another class. We were caught off guard but she was so excited to find out Ms. Sarah was going to be her new teacher.  She loves Ms. Sarah more than anything or anybody!
Shawn and I walked MC into class and she got very nervous but seemed okay. We got maybe a 1/2 mile away from school and I remembered I left her Epi pen in her back pack and didn't turn it into the office. So I dropped Shawn off and head back to the school. When I walked in she was sitting on their rug listening to Mrs. Carter but had big ole tears rolling down her face and it crushed me!  When she saw me she started crying harder and ran to me and hugged me tighter than I think she ever has! It was so hard to have to leave her after that. But I calmed her down and she sat down with her class and I had to leave.....probably one the hardest mommy moments yet!  I had hoped that would be it and after the excitement of the new day started she would be okay, but that was not the case. She cried several times through out the day and had a tummy ache by lunch time from being so upset!  When I picked her up that afternoon I was crushed to hear all this.  I so had hoped she would LOVE kindergarten! She said she didn't want to go back and wanted to be home schooled or just go back to Ms. Mae's.....uhhhh!
Heading in on Day Two....... she was brave till we headed down the long hallway to her class. She let go of my hand, tucked her hands into her back pack and dropped her head. I noticed her nose turning red and I knew she was crying.  I have never felt so helpless for her.  I tired to make small talk but she would not respond.  As we walked into her room she would not look up or even say hi to her teacher.  I walked her over and put her back pack on her desk and her lunch box on the table.  I went to give her a hug and she had a death grip on my leg.  It took me several attempts to loosen her arms and hug her. She was just crying and begged me not to leave. The bell rang and her teacher started having the class put their books up and get ready for the day and I had to walk her to the carpet.  She sat down and just cried. I told her I loved her and hoped she had a great day and she wouldn't even look at me.  I cried all the way down the hall, all the way back to my car and called Shawn sobbing. WHAT ARE GONNA DO?!??!? Of course my calm husband said it will be okay, give it some time it's only day two. When I picked her up that afternoon she was excited to tell me she only cried twice that day.  TWICE.... such a dagger to my heart!  But she was all smiles when she saw the surprise she got!!!!
 And what makes two hard days better..... Flowers and a Rose from Mimi and Poppa Mike!!!!
 And of course they didn't leave KB out...she got flowers and candy!
 Wednesday and Thursday we had no tears and made 3 new friends...Thank you Lord!!!!
So glad to see this smile!
 Friday was school pride day so she got to wear her new school shirt!
 It was such a relief to see her smile and be excited about going!
 My baby girl!!!
Friday night we head to Badger Fest! The kids had a blast jumping and sliding.  I LOVE this picture of KB and GK sliding down on their bellies!!!
Saturday was a kindergarten meet and greet party!  2026......YIKES!
 Ava, MC, MG, and little  sister who wanted in the 2026 class pic,lol! will be here before we know it!

 Such a good looking bunch of kiddos!
 MC singing the class sign!!!!!
Micah Claire..... simply  and sweet!

I am so thankful that we made it through the first week. And I am VERY thankful for all my friends and family who called, texted and prayed daily for my baby girl! We could not have made through this week without your support and prayers.  I pray all our children have a wonderful and peaceful year school year!