Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The last few days of school

My girls have been together at day care since the end of March and they have LOVED being together!  But as they say....all good things must come to an end!  Micah Claire is moving on to Kindergarten and will no longer be at daycare with Kinley. MC is super excited and poor little sister is very sad to lose big sissy. She keeps telling me and Shawn that she doesn't want to go to Ms Mae's without sissy, she wants to go to Kindergarten with Claire.  I think there will be several tears shed this coming Monday, by my sweet Kinley bugs, when we drop her off at daycare.  I was thinking last week..... the way the grades are set up at our schools.... these sweet girls will not be in the same school again till MC is a Senior and KB is a Freshman in High School. YIKES did I just say
HIGH SCHOOL!?!?!? OMG it makes me sick to think about that day but I know it will be
here before I know it!

I remember when MC was as little as KB is in this picture....seems like it was just days ago!


Miss Theresa text me this picture one day last week and I burst out crying when I saw it! We are gonna miss all the wonderful teachers her daycare has! 
LAST DAY AT MS. MAE'S!!!!!!  She was so excited, she was wide awake when I got home from the gym at 6:20AM!!!!! Now that is eager!!!!
Uh and I totally forgot we had to clean our her locker in Ms. Kelly's class. That was exciting for her and hard for mommy!  Ms Kelly saw my tear filled eyes and gave me a big ole hug and my caring child said.... Mom dry it up dude!
MC and sweet Paisley!
MC and Kalyn! These BFF's are not in the same class or on the same team; I have NO idea how they are gonna manage being part!
These babies are officially done with preschool and on their way to KINDERGARTEN!!!!
MC and Ms. Mae, I couldn't hardly see to take this picture because the tears were a flowin!
MC and mommy with puffy eyes;lol!
And Ms Kelly..... such a wonderful teacher....... Stearn but so loving!  She gave MC a big hug
and told her how proud she was of her and how good she was going to do in Kindergarten and
boy oh boy Mommy's water works kicked into full gear!  We have been so blessed to be at such an amazing daycare for these last 3 years!