Saturday, September 21, 2013

Offically 6 years old!!!

Today we FINALLY got to celebrate Micah Claire's SIXTH Birthday!!!! She was set on having a Spa party....then she found out that boys really didn't come to SPA she decided on a Luau! In Arkansas you never know what weather you may get in mid September.  It could be 35 degrees or 135 degrees! But we got pretty lucky today, it was 80 degrees....well outside it was....but the pool temperature was barely in the 70s.  But the kids tuffed it out and swam their hearts out in the not so warm pool water!!!
 My little 6 year old Hawaiian girl!!!

 Just Precious!!!

 My babies!!!
 My little Hawaiian girl!

 Ms. Debbie and the girls!

 Our SUPER cute Pineapple Cake Pops!!!


MC and Kalyn

 MC and Katelyn!

 Time to sing Happy Birthday!!!!
 Then it was pinata time!!!!
Mr. Copper had a great time taking a whack at it!!!

 The birthday girl getting her turn!!!


 Greer's second attempt.....
 and she made contact all herself!!!!
 The crew just waiting for the candy to fly out.....
 Then we let Zane take a crack at it......and bingo..........
 Hand fulls of candy.......equals.....One happy girl
 Even Greer dug right into the candy!!!
 After the party we got an hour alone with our sweet Greer!!!

Our favorite little girl!!!!!