Saturday, October 5, 2013

Finally Three Years Old

Tuesday October 1, 2013 our baby girl turned THREE years old!!! Bless her heart, having her birthday party three days before her actual birthday really confused her. For days she would  go around saying I'm THREE and Micah Claire would say no your not your TWO.  Then a crying little girl would come up to me and say Mommy Claire told me I was still two and I would have to explain over and over again that she was still two until Tuesday then she would officially be THREE.  That was NOT the answer she wanted to hear, it just upset her even more!  But FINALLY Tuesday came and FINALLY she was THREE YEARS OLD!!!!  She was up and at em at 6:30 that morning, ready to go and celebrate THREE years old!!!!
My official THREE year old!!!
She refused to wear her birthday outfit out....she only wanted to wear her Hello Kitty that's what she wore....and she even picked a hello kitty head band to wear with it!!!!
She has finally gotten down holding up THREE fingers!!!!

LOVE this big-ole cheesy smile!

Time for her school party!!!!!!!!
Class Picture
Ms. Sarah and Kinley showing the class THREE fingers!

Putting candle #1 one.......
Candle #2..........
And finally candle #3 on
Still can't believe there are THREE candles on this cake, it just doesn't seem possible!
time to open her present from Ms. Mae
it's a!!!

She was sooooo excited!!!
She asked Nana to read her new book to all her friends!
She was just beside herself with excitement!!!
And getting her #3 necklace!!!!
cracks me up!

Sweet hug from Ms Sarah!!!

Daddy lighting the cup cake!!!

Blowing out all those candles!!!

 Family picture!!!!! MC was home with strep so she actual got to join us for the party!!!
 Then it was time to celebrate with a birthday dinner at Nana & Poppa's house. And YES the magic money rock made it's appearance and she was SOOOO HAPPY!!!!
 The magic rock left money in her tricycle!!!!
 Papaw Barry even brought her some red roses!!!!
 Time to light all three candles on nana's good ole Mississippi cake!!!!
 Trying to be shy during the singing!!!
 Attempt one........
 attempt two
 and finally she got all three out and she was PUMPED!!!!

She couldn't wait to take the candles out and lick them
Ummmmm that's some good stuff!

Happy THIRD birthday Kinley Cowart! We love you so very much!