Saturday, November 16, 2013

Family Fun Day of Running!!!

Today was a great day! I had the Color Dash 5K and then it was the Andy Allison Kids run!
 This child was up at 5:57am ready to go.....uhhhhh!
 KB playing shy
Finally got a peek-a-boo picture!
 Kinley with her crazy faces that just cracks me up!
 I love that she smiles with her whole face!!!
 Aunt Ashley and Cooper!!
 Mommy and MC!
 MC's first attempt to take picture with my Nikon....not too bad!
 Nana with her all little racing grandbabies and Aunt Ash!
 KB....being KB
 MC photo bombing KB!
 My wild crazy girl!
 Full of craziness!
 Kinley and her sweet buddy Andy!
 1-4 year olds getting ready to start!!!
 Kinley did so good!
 She gave it her all with her ever so serious race face!
 MC and GK getting ready for the 6-7 year old race!
 The girl in first place was in a solid first place coming around the 2nd turn....but my MC was in 2nd place!
 She was almost out of gas till I hollered go Micah Claire, you got this! She smiled and took off!
 MC getting covered with paint as she approached the finish line!
 The top 5!
 Ms. Carrie announcing MC as the 2nd place finisher!
 She was so proud of herself! And I have to say I was too; not because she placed but because she set a goal and worked hard to achieve it!
 The Cowart girls showing off the medals we won for the day!!!!!!
And after the race.... we hit the rides and enjoyed the afternoon!!!
 MC, GK, and Mickey Mouse!!!!
 MC and GK along with nana thought they would brave a big kids ride and everyone of them got the mess scared out of them.  It was quite the sight to watch!!!
 Mommy and KB on the train ride!!!
 My little butterfly!
 Love at first full mouth bite;lol!
 Sugary smile!

And on the way out we ran across the the BUZZ van and we had to take a picture because it's Daddy's favorite radio station!

Camping with the Givens Fam

Two weekends ago we loaded up with the Givens crew and headed to Degray!!!! Of course it was 75-80 degrees the entire week but when we get there the bottom falls out and the wind picks up! We still had a great time and made lots of memories!!!
The kids loved the little zip line..............
they made it look so fun Ms. Shannon had to try it herself! I wasn't quick enough to get the full ride but I caught her graceful dismount! ;)
Sweet Cadie Belle!

LOVE these sweet cheeks!!!

My monkey!
We even braved the wind and hit the water!  The kids got in before we could even really stop them!

My baby girl looking so grown!

My cutie pie!
And my camera loves this little beauty!
just a beautiful little girl!
I am ready for summer to come back and around and more warm camping with the Givens crew! And MOST of all the new smores Ms. Shannon introduced me to....let me share..... instead of a Hersey candy bar....use a peanut butter cup....OMG! AMAZING and devastating to the waist line;LOL!!!