Monday, November 4, 2013

37 month post

11-1-13: Kinley bugs you are now 37 months old! You are learning so many new things everyday; it's just amazing! You do EVERYTHING your sister does.  You told me last night that you had a space between your front teeth because you lost a tooth and you hoped the tooth fairy was paying attention. You have been in ballet for 2 months now and you love it. You twirl all over the house and cant' wait till you get to wear lipstick at your recital.  As much as you love dance you are still head over heels in love with cheerleading!!! You can do a toe touch and pike jump that are pretty dang impressive.  This month you have come obsessed with learning how to do a back bend and a cartwheel and you are getting very close to doing both!  You tell me a hundred times a day that you love me and that I am the sweetest mommy ever and it  melts my heart every time!  You have really turned into a nana's girl this month.  If you don't see her everyday you just cry and beg me to take you to her house.  You are finally starting to keep your pull dry all night!!! As excited as you are about that.... I am a million times more excited!!!! You know all your colors and you can count to 40 now.  You LOVE music and LOVE to sing!  You sing pretty much every song that comes on the radio and your love your "church CD" as you call it.  It makes my heart so happy to hear you sing about and praise God!!! You ask me long till it almost Christmas yet mommy and I LOVE that!!!! You promised me you would not be afraid of Santa this year.......but I am not gonna bet my money on that,lol!

 just so full of sass!

 You said... I wanna sit like sissy and this is what you did. cracked me up!
 Oh those eyes......cute with a splash of mischief!!!

 LOVE THIS!!! Even if you had spilled milk on your dress;lol!

 My baby girl looking so big!!

 Just a few days after your birthday we had those nasty tonsils and adenoids removed! 
 You did good till we got to your pre-op room and you had a melt down!
 Daddy trying to calm ya down by rocking you and watch Sophia on the tv
 FINALLY I got a smile
 Family pic......not a good one but hey it was 5am in the morning;lol!
 You were as nervous wreck when they wheeled ya back. We tried to distract ya with a coloring book but that worked for about 20 seconds then you fell apart and mommy did too!
 17  mins later you were out of surgery and back in your room!  You asked for a popsicle after you woke up.......
 You took two licks and feel asleep with it in your hands. We tried to take it from you and you got upset so we let ya sleep with it till it melted :)
 It took you almost 5 hours to wake from the anesthesia and we were worried but you finally came around and I was ecstatic to see your precious smile!!!!
MC breezed through her recuperative period but it was much harder on you.  MC had strep the week of your surgery and you caught it the day of your surgery so that made the recop process very painful for you.  You would hardly eat or drink for almost 10 days; and you lost 4#s.  We were so worried about you but finally on day 11 you snapped right back to normal, thankfully!!!!