Tuesday, November 5, 2013

6 years 2 months

11-4-13: Micah Claire, if you are sitting down reading this blog many, many years from now and you looking for your 6 year 1month old blog post....... well....there just isn't one my dear!  I truly apologize and there is no excuse but I have plenty;lol! We are always busy these days from school to dance to gymnastics to weekend activities and time just truly slipped away from me.  But, that's all water under the bridge....hopefully;lol!
You are just loving school! You are reading like crazy and it just amazes me to see you pick up a book and read.  I will take the book from ya, read it, and say you got it right and you say DUH mom I can read. It cracks me up and at the same time it's so shocking how quickly you have progressed.  We had your first parent teacher conference 2 weeks ago and Mrs. Carter said you were doing great! She said you are one of the top readers, you have great manners, and you are a good helper!  It made me and daddy so proud to hear all that!  You are doing great in gymnastics; you have just been picking up new skills left and right!  And bless daddy's heart, you are still as boy crazy as ever!
 LOVE this smile!!!!

 You started acting silly and I said hold on.....

 A few seconds later I heard ...tap, tap on the window....and there you were. So silly!
 Oh that leg still pops every from time to time ;)
 I just can't get over how grown up you look!
 When you saw this picture on my camera you said... I took like Kinley with my eyes closed;lol!

 This picture makes me want to bust out in tears!  My little bitty baby is gone and she is growing up oh so very fast!
You are all about trying new hair styles these days.  Yesterday you wanted curls you got... and I must say they looked precious!!!
 It has been raining a lot lately and you and Kin love to play in the rain!

Look at that cute bum!!!!!

Two weeks ago me and Kin surprised you at school at ate lunch with you!
 My little kindergartner!!!!!
 You love going to the Badger games; you even caught a football and a
  tee shirt at the homecoming game!!!
 Last week we discovered you out grew all your jeans from last year so last weekend we did some shopping!!! I took you and Kinley to eat at Osaka.  You loved the egg drop soup  but not the salad with ginger dressing. 
You tired a California roll and didn't care for it.  When I told ya it had baby fish eggs on top you started gagging and I about wet my pants! But you did love these little rolls. IDK what they are called but you ate an entire plate full! Love you Claire Bear!!!