Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

I mean I just can't believe Halloween 2013 has come and gone. It's gonna be Thanksgiving in a few days then Christmas......HOLY COW!!!!

My littlest pumpkin!

Just toooo darn cute!!!
My big pumpkin!!!

Can't get over how tall she is getting!!!

9am..... no better time to start pumping some 3 year olds up with sugar!!!
KB and her BFF Madi!
Brooklyn and KB
KB and Heidi. I tried to explain to them how they are 4th cousins but they totally couldn't follow the story line;lol!

 Such a cute class! MC's class at this age was shy but NOT this class, they are full of spunk!!

Singing those Halloween tunes!!!
Dance time!!!
 My little pumpkin showing off her pumpkin face!
And then it was time for some sweet treats!!!
Who wouldn't smile looking at a plate of sugar like that!!

 Then 2pm and it was time for big sister's party!! This is only picture she "let me" take :(
 Then we rushed home and got changed and waited for daddy to come home so we could officially start trick-or-treating!!!
 Our Sophia the First!!!! Bruised up knees and all;lol!
 Love these little slippers!
 And my hippie was cute as a bug!
 Giving us the peace sign.  When people asked what she was she would say a hippie from the 80' cracked me and Shawn up!
 My girls!!!
 Little sissy though it was funny her crown wouldn't stay up.....
 But when sissy and mommy laughed that caused her to get so upset, bless her little sensitive heart ;)
 Our first stop was Nana and Poppa's house where we found the CUTEST Elvis EVER!!!!!!
 Nana and MC looking oh so cute and Kinley giving us the hand, goodness that child!!!
 Then we tired to throw Cooper.... Elvis in to the pic and he was not  digging that idea;lol!
 Then it was off to our Great Aunt Wanda's house, a few friends houses and ....
 we finished up by seeing Ms. Debbie.....
And papaw Barry!!! 
I think we made 5 stops and some how they both came home
with BUCKETS full of candy, YIKES!!!