Saturday, December 21, 2013

6 years 3 months

12-4-13: 6 years and 3 months old!
My big girl I can't believe it's December already. You are officially half way through your kindergarten year...YIKES!!! You are learned so much in these last 18 weeks and you are reading and writing like crazy!  You love to write on notes and tape them all over my house!  One sign in your room reads: MC's room, No Kinley in here.  I love Maddox, BFF...... it just cracks me up how your mind works these days.  You have progressed so much on the gymnastics pre-team; you love the vault which makes this mommy HAPPY because it was my favorite too!!!
 This is the Christmas wreath you picked out for you room!  I think you did a great job, I love it!
 You are into anything that shines, glitters, are my girly girl!
 My little rock star!
 Love this picture but just can't get over how grown up you look!
 You are anti anything in your hair these days; you always want to wear it straight down and it drive me nuts;lol!
 My silly MC!
 Love your smile, just melts me!
 Why can't my kids just take a picture, their mind and hands just go NON STOP!
 Finally get one with her not messing with the tree and her eyes are closed....uhhhh!
 My sassy MC
 You watch way to much Disney channel and love to copy all the poses the older girls do; cracks me up!
 You were named the Good Citizen of the month at school at the end of November! Daddy and I were so proud of you!!! They held a morning breakfast assembly for nominated students and their parents so of course were there to watch you!!!
 MC getting her certificate and medal
 Mrs. Nelson straightening out your medal!
One proud girl with two proud parents!
Mrs. Carter said you always listen and follow directions first time given, you are a bigger helper, and you have great manners!!!! Your daddy and I could not be prouder and could not ask for better things to be said of our daughter!
 Last week your kindergarten class had their Christmas musical! You have been EXTREMELY excited about doing this play!

 You did a great job performing!  You were very full of theatrical faces and expressions which cracked us all up!
 Please meet Maddox!  This is MC's  MAJOR crush!  I have totally lost count of how many times the have "broken up" but we adore him.....well I do.  Her daddy thinks he is a good kid but too young to like his daughter and it cracks this momma up to see his face turn BRIGHT RED when MC talks about how much she likes him! 
 Getting ready for your speaking part.... I was a nervous wreck. I was afraid you were going to forget your lines you didn't!
 You did a great job and had an audience full of family (me, daddy, Kinley, Nana, Poppa, Papaw Barry, Ms. Debbie, Poppa Mike, Mimi, Uncle Eric, Aunt Ashley, and Cooper) there to cheer you on. 
 Friday afternoon your class did the play again for the school and I made it just in time to watch you. The look on your face when you saw me was worth going to work super early and racing back home! And what better way to celebrate you plays and start the weekend off....then with a hot fudge sundae!

Tuesday Daddy was a "watch dog dad" at your school. You were so excited that he got to spend the entire day with you and I loved getting all  his pictures of you through out the day! 
Reading lab picture!
And a lunch selfie of you and daddy! 
You are super excited about Christmas this year. You asked Santa for roller skates and stilts.  Then last week you decided you also wanted him to bring you a pink guitar.  Monday night you got your yearly video from Santa.  As soon as you saw it loading you said...I'm probably on the bad list.  Daddy and I busted out laughing when you said that. But much to your surprise..... you made the good list!  We love you bunches MC!