Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Roberson Christmas

After the Santa rush it was time to head to Nana and Poppa's
house for Christmas with the Robersons!
 Nana and her girls!

 Daddy and his big girl!
 LOVE this!
 Apparently after pictures with Nana, Kinley was OVER pictures and had a total melt down!
 Kinley was now up to crocodile tears! Uhhh kids!
 We were all cracking up at Poppa and Nana trying to get Kinley to smile...but it just didn't work!
 If ya can't tell Kinely was PO'd that we wouldn't stop taking pictures,lol!
 After a short break she was ready for more pictures!
 Just loves this one! 
 This is MC's favorite face to make these days and it about makes me pull my hair out!
 MC and Mommy! She was trying to strike a pose and I was trying to hold her tight
 Kinley Beth and mommy!
 Uh this just melts my heart! My loves!
 And I would so love to the thank the Disney channel girls for teaching MC all this wack-o sassy pants poses!
 I could wallpaper this picture all over house! PICTURE PERFECT!
 Nana and Poppa
 Nana got a little tickled!
 The love birds;lol!

 And I think this is the BEST family picture we have EVER had! L-O-V-E!!!!!!
 Kinley was super excited they got her a princess bike to leave at their house!
And MC got a big girl bike to ride at their house too!