Monday, December 9, 2013

Branson Day Two: SILVER DOLLAR CITY!!!

It took forever to get the girls to bed that first night! They were too full of energy and excitement to lay down, but when they finally did....the crashed!  But they were up bright and early Friday morning! We headed out to breakfast then did some early morning shopping at the outlet malls!
Sweet Kinley bugs ready for day two in Branson!
MC and Emily.....these two were just about inseparable!
Sweet girls!
Ready to SHOP!!!
After shopping and lunch it was time to head to Silver Dollar City!  And you can see Kinley was extremely excited about going;lol!  Poor girl EVERY morning she had a meltdown over her clothes! She had to cry and whine and spend some time in time out but then she was over it and ready for the day.
MC and Colton, Heading for the gate of Silver Dollar City!!!
While Daddy was getting us a stroller we wandered into the bakery....OMG! I am telling you the smell was intoxicating to say the least!  MC was fascinated watching the lady make this long roll of cinnamon rolls!
MC and KB in Santa's sleigh!
Colton, Emily, MC, and Kinley!
And all of us crammed in and got this great picture!
The Cowart kids as SDC!!!
LOVE Kinley's expression! Such excitement!!!!
 Santa Statue.....the only kind of Santa Kinley likes;lol!
Some how Aunt Stacy tricked talked me into taking the kids threw the crazy house. It was slanted and moved like crazy and I about lost my lunch!
Uncle Brian, Emily, Colton, and MC locked up SDC style!
Kinley on lock down!
I was so proud of MC, she wanted to ride her first adult roller coaster! She got in line and got out twice and then finally decided to do it! And of course I had to go with her!  She liked a FEW parts of it but for the most part did not care for it! BUT she did not cry or get upset, she was so brave! And this mommy was PROUD!!!
Kinley hung out with Aunt Stacy while us big kids rode the coaster!
And she found a buck deer to hang out with too!
My goofy girls!
This cracks me up! Kinley looks so pathetic;lol! I cant even remember what where were doing but obviously she was NOT happy!
 Kinley was so brave on the elephants; after a few mins she even pushed the button and went all the way up and was so proud of herself!
 And the tea pots were a HUGE hit with both kids!
The ONLY ride Kinley really wanted to ride was the lady bugs.  It was the slowest kiddie ride there and she begged MC to ride so MC did.  MC was totally disgusted at how "kiddie" the ride was and the faces she made to me and Shawn had  us cracking up! At one point she even leaned over on the side of the ride, put her chin in the palm of her hand, and just dropped her head.  I about wet my pants when she did that! 
 MC and Mommy ride selfie!
Kinley with the best ride in the house....daddy's shoulders!
MC being MC in line!
 I mean S-W-E-E-T!!!!!! Be still my heart!
 Kinley was very nervous about riding an indoor water ride......
 But once she got in and got her gun.....she loved it!
 The Cowart Gingerbread kids!!!

And littlest gingerbread ;-)
And what to do ya do while ya wait for the Frosty show to start.......
 You eat a big ole tub of Cotton Candy!
 For a kid who hated cotton candy the first few times she tried it....she had totally done a 360 and LOVES it!!!!!
 Kinley passed smooth out as soon as Frosty started and MC and loved it!  She laughed and sang and got all the jokes they made! It wasn't the best play but watching her enjoy made it seem that way!
 As the sun set the temps dropped and out came our hot hands which the girls loved! I almost couldn't get them to take picture by the tree because they were so fascinated by those dang hot hands!

 Then the parade FINALLY started!!!

 Kinley loved every second of it!  She even gave the snow princess and a toy teddy bear a high five which is sooooo not like her!


And the nativity scene!  The parade was not quite what we had expected but it was still nice!  We had a great time at SDC and I can't wait to take the girls again!