Saturday, December 28, 2013


6:15 am I heard foot steep running threw the house and MC SCREAMING..... Santa came... Santa came and he brought my stilts! Then they both rushed into my room and piled in the bed. They were quite and still for about 2 minuets and MC said Can we please get up and go see our stuff Santa brought.  So up we all sprang to see what the Jolly ole Soul brought!
 The Santa piles!
 A Sophia Car for Kinley!!!
 She hopped right one them and about busted her bum! Luckily daddy was there to grab her!
 Then it was on to the roller skate!

Daddy had to make sure the helmet was safe,LMBO!!! My cutie!!!!
 MC all geared up!

 She was super scared

 Kinley loved the hot pink balance beam she got!
 Step kick, step kick!
 And they were both SUPER excited Santa left Pop Rocks in their stockings!!!
 MC saw these and said OHHHH Santa has good taste! CRACKED ME UP!!!
 Then it was time to open a gift from Mommy and Daddy........
 And as you can she was was PUMPED that we got her a guitar!
 Watch out Taylor Swift!
 Kinley couldn't wait to see what we got her........
 One glance and she knew!!!
 The Doc McStuffins checkup center she had been begging for!!!!!
 Then the grandparents all stopped by and Nana couldn't resist trying the stilts out!
She is such a kid at heart....LOVE IT!