Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013: BRANSON

This year we decided to do something new and different for Thanksgiving, GO TO BRANSON!!
And, I am so glad we did. We had a GREAT TIME and the girls made some amazing memories! Thanksgiving morning we loaded up and hit the road for a 4 hour road trip. We had a awesome Thanksgiving lunch McDonald's style! With kids you never know the actual travel is going to go,
 but the girls did great! They were so excited they didn't even get into one fight!!!
After we checked in our hotel it was time to get ready for our
Thanksgiving Dinner at the Dixie Stampede!
 One excited little turkey!
 And the other little turkey who couldn't stop talking to take a picture!
 Our two little Turkeys!

 MC spotted a big pile of leaves and wanted to kick them so kick we did!
 LOOK at that HIGH kick...... nice MC!
 Flying leaves!

 So sweet!
 My babies looking so big ( you can see the Dixie Stampeded in the back ground, it was just right across the road from our room!)
 Kinley sit up..... I'm tired mommy, taking pictures is hard work.... CRACKED ME UP!

 Pictures by the fireplace!
 The lobby of the hotel had this shiny black baby grand and my
 girls couldn't keep their hands off of it!

 Our hotel had lots of benches and cute little bridges all around it so
we couldn't not take some pictures on them!
 Just SWEET!
Since the Dixie Stampede was so close by we just walked on over!
 MC taking a picture by the tree in the lobby.....Kinley REFUSED to take a picture...uhhh!
 They were impressed  by the greater and wanted to take a picture with her in her pretty white dress!
 We had some popcorn and lemonade while watching the pre-dinner show!
 Finally in and seated! SO EXCITED!!!
 Daddy and his Dixie girls
 The menus were printed on the napkins!
 We had a fabulous spread! I can't even tell ya how good the food was,
 even if you had to eat it with your hands!
 The show about the start!!!! They had snow flying everywhere it was magical!
 The girls watching so intently! MC was so taken with the show we hardly even ate!
 Kinley was so impressed with all the flying acts, she couldn't stop taking during the entire show!
 After the show we toured the stable and got to see all the horses! We loved the solid white horse!
 Leaving the Dixie Stampede!
After we got back to the hotel room and got our pjs on, the other part of our Cowart crew was just arriving!  The girls went NUTS when they saw them pull up! And by nuts I mean, screaming, squealing, dancing, jumping on the bed....the works!