Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Start of Christmas

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and I have yet to blog about all our fun times.  When Daddy was gone to deer camp, the kids were at school, and I actually had a day off.... I put up our Christmas tree! YES it was two weeks before Thanksgiving but I couldn't wait! The Christmas bug bit me early this year!  I picked Kinley up from dance and didn't tell her about the tree; she walked in and was instantly amazed it was up!  There is nothing more sweet and exciting than watching a child take it all in and get so excited!
 She knelt down to look it and I about melted!
 She was in awe of the lights and all the ornaments!
 Mommy look at this one, and this one, and I love this one mommy! PRECIOUS!
 I wanted MC to be surprised too so I had to bribe Kinley to not tell her on the way home from gymnastics!  MC is to the age where she can remember ornaments and the stories behind them and I LOVE that!
Since the big tree went up....they couldnt' wait to get their tree up!
 Then it was times for MC's favorite Christmas activity...... eating decorating a ginger bread house!
 The past few years she was all about cramming stuff all over the house, but this year she was on her game! She wanted it to neat and pretty!
 Aunt Ashley and Cooper made one too!  Cooper had a GREAT time eating all the candy for his house;lol!
 And little bugs couldn't help but to eat all the icing!
 and she was not ashamed in the least,lol!
 All done..... and hyped up on SUGAR!
 Our Cowart Ginger Bread House 2013!

 Then it was time for breakfast with Santa!

 This was after Kinley had a TOTAL meltdown when we tried to sit her in Santa's lap.  Bless her heart she is just scared to death of the jolly old soul.....maybe next year....but probably not;lol!
 After we got far away from Santa her tears dried up and her smile returned!
 My sweet girls!
 KB, MC, and Cooper! Love these three and so glad we get to do all these fun things together!
 And you guys are totally into making Santa soap faces this month and it cracks me up!
 Last week I made it just in time to MC's after school Christmas party!

 Time for KB's school party!
 Kinley and her buddy Madi!
 Madi, Kinley, and Brooklyn!
 Evie and Kinley!
 They say the sweetest songs ever!  And Kinley was the LOUDEST singer, it was so bad it was cute!

 Time to dig into all those sweets!
Kinley, Madi, and the BEST TEACHER EVER...Mrs. Sarah!!!!
 Last Thursday we really kicked off Christmas with our first celebration at Aunt Paige's house!!!!
 MC and Sweet Greer!
The Cowart Girls; so full of cuteness!

I lost track of how many sweet hugs Greer gave sweet!

 Greer had a blast finding MC's belly button and tickling it!
 Such a cute little stinker!
 Aunt Paige and Uncle Jody got Kinley a Sophia doll and blanket and it was LOVE at first sight! She has been sleeping with it every night since!
And they out did themselves by getting MC THREE curling irons!!!