Saturday, February 8, 2014


Last night it started spitting snow...... they said we would a few inches..... but they ALWAYS say that so..... we figure we would get a dusting at most...........

Kinley enjoying the snow barely spitting at 5pm
We told her to enjoy it because this would be about all we really got.............
We woke up this morning.........................
And we had 2-3 inches of SNOW!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Razorback staying strong in the snow;lol!
We got bundled up and daddy went and got the sled!!!
Kinley was first was her first sled.... I expected her to be scared and/or cry.....

But she was all smiles

and giggles on the way down!!!!

She LOVED it and couldn't wait to go again!!!
Next up.... Micah Claire!
She was such the pro!

All smiles!
My snow babies!

First ever sled together!!!!!!
Daddy given the girls a big push off..........

Weeee... they loved it!!!!

And there is nothing better than a trampoline full of SNOW!!!!
She quickly learned she had to duck to miss getting it all the face!
One excited little girl!  The last time we got this much snow she was only a few months old!!!

My big girl making her snow angel!
Just melts me to see this!
and of course Kinley had to do what sissy did!

another perfect angel!
SNOW FALL!!!!!!!!!!!
My baby girl looking so grown up!
She was only 4 when we got our last snow...... it took me back to see how much she has grown and how now she can climb back up that big ole hill carrying her sled....... hard mommy moment!
Six.......going on twenty-six I tell ya!
and of course little sister had to try too!
and she did it...... all the way back up the hill by herself!  It kills me she tries to act grown too! 

Me and sweeeeeeeeet girls!
Daddy and his snow loves!

Bruce loved the snow too!
MC talked daddy into letting her pull him..............
daddy had to give her some help...........
and weeeeee....... he made it a whole 3 feet,lol!
So MC decided to give him a push and Bruce decided to jump on too ;-)

Today was a perfect snow day.... a few inches of snow....... an hour of fun with the family in it..... and then it all melted away!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Almost half way.....

2-4-14....... Micah Claire you are 6 years and 5 months old! I can't believe that next month you will officially be 6 1/2 years old! OMG can a 1/2 a year have already almost flown by and can we be almost half way to 7 years old already?!?! 

You have been reading for months now, but I guess it just truly hasn't hit me until recently!  I guess I hear your read your "little kids" books and I assume that's the level you read on.  But last week you pulled out one of my books and started reading it to me and it just caught me so off guard!  I had you read several lines because I just couldn't grasp that your were actually reading from a "big kids" book!  You can phonetically sound out words and it amazes me!  You soooo did not get that trait from me, I hate sounding out words and can't spell worth a flip! And kindergartener has taught you some not so educational things. This month Maddox taught you how to spell butt and he taught you the difference between "but" and "butt." You know its not a nice word and you don't use it but..... when I say but in a sentence you say.... Mommy did you mean "B U T" or "B U T T" when you said that?  It cracks me up every time you say that!  And you been invited to two sleepover in the next few weeks.  This is really hard for me and daddy and you just don't get it.  You think we are being "MEAN" because we said we have to think about it.  We are not being mean baby, we are simply protecting one of our most precious gifts!  Everyday you say....mommy have you and daddy talked about my sleepovers and you get so upset when I say ..... we are still discussing the matter. 

 You and Kinley's new big girl rooms are almost finished!  It has taken a lot of time, energy ,and money to get this room done but seeing you get excited over it makes it all worth it!
 totally cheesin!
 You love your new desk and all the pedal balls over it!

 All of God's grace in this one sweet face;love you MC!
Well I guess this is your last monthly post as just a six year old. Man that is so hard for this momma to accept! 

 And what better way to celebrate this last month "as just a 6 year old" than with Mississippi mud as your bed time snack!  We all four had a piece with our own candle and we all made our own wish and blew our candle out!
 Needless to say..... Kinley was REALLLLLLY excited about celebrating your last month as a 6 year old;lol!