Sunday, February 2, 2014

3 years 3 months, 6 years 4 months

Gracious am I really an ENTIRE month behind..... YEP I am!  Have been days and even a few weeks behind before but an entire month....this totally takes the cake!  I am so out of the running for Mom of the year and it's only February;lol!
Well better later than ever I guess!

Kinley you are 3 years and 3 months old.  It has totally not sunk it that you are 3 years old. I still refer to you as my two year old, but you ALWAYS quickly correct me!  You have always been the jokester of the family, but lately you have really been one.  You have been talking about riding your bike with no training wheels but when we talk about takign them off you say, "No...not yet mommy!"  You also talk about being brave and getting your ears piereced but when we talk about going you say.........NO I'M NEVER DOING THAT! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

My little camera ham!
Love your big ole smile!

You are so over ponty tails, piggy tails,and bows. You want to wear your hair staright down just like sissy does! And I have to say it's cute but it makes you look so grown up!

This month you had to make your 2nd trip to the ER.  You were playing at Granny's house and hurt your arm.  We thought it was just sore so we just put ice on it and kind blew it off. The next morning you could not sit up in your bed. I heard you say... Sissy go tell mommy I need help!  You are not a drama queen at all so I knew it had to be something more serious than a hurt arm.  When I got in your room you couldn't move your entire arm.  I told daddy it was time to go to the ER.  And of course since we decided it was really was!  You dislocated your elbow and they had to reset it!  OMG I can not tell you how hard it was for me to have to hold you tight while they did it!  You tears and crys of "make him stop mommy" just about made me sick to my stomach! But after a few pops it was back in place and within 30 seconds you could finally move your entire arm again!  They did an x-ray to make sure it was all in correct place and sure enough it was!  You didn't really care for taking the x-ray but you loved looking at it on the screen!  
 1-1-2014: there is no better to way to start the year and celebrate turning 3 years and 3 months old than with a good run!  Our local running club had a new years resolution run and you had a blast running!  you ran 6 laps..... 1.5 miles without stopping..... it was very impressive!

 LOVE this picture Aunt Ashley got  of us running together!

 Kin, me, daddy, and Cooper getting our new year's run on!  GREAT picture! Thanks again Aunt Ashley!
 All the kids got a medal for participating and MC loved it!
 Her goal was to run 6 laps without stopping.  She ran 4 then.........
 my social butterfly got distracted with the arrival of friends;lol!
 MC and the McGough sisters jumping off the couch!

 Mommy and MC jumping into the new year!
 Family jumping off the couch picture....expect for Kinley....who refused to stop running to take a picture with us;lol!
 Kinley, MC, and Coop
 This picture just cracks me up!
Such a great group of people starting the new off right!

My baby girl.....looking so not like a baby! 6 years and 4 months that really possible, just doesn't seem like it should be! You are reading and writing like crazy these days!  This month you got a perfect attendance award and you were so excited! You are finally getting the hang of bars and starting to love them at gymnastics! 

Ya just melt my heart baby girl!

You got a bun maker for Christmas and you LOVE it!  I think you wore it in a bun for week straight!

I love you girls so much! You each bring so much joy and totally craziness to our family!