Tuesday, February 4, 2014

3 years 4 months

Kinley Beth you are officially 3 years and 4  months old!  For many, many months now there has been no mentioning of Justin Bieber in our house and no singing of Baby, Baby, ohhhh! But this last month you some how, some way caught the Bieber fever!  You sing "If I was your boyfriend" a MILLION times a day!  You also love to sing "No matter what I do, Jesus love me!" It is the most precious thing to hear come out of your mouth!  And honestly it really makes me stop and think about how much Jesus does love us, no matter what we have done, no matter how hard and/or long our day has been...he is THERE!  You are still the prayer leader at dinner time; you get very upset if you don't get to pick which prayer we say.  Last night during bedtime prayers you thanked God for keeping bad people in jail, it took all I had to not laugh! You beg to eat at Subway EVERYDAY and it cracks me up! You have been asking NON-STOP for months now for a baby. We always tell you, we don't know what God's plan is and just pray about it.  This morning when we where leaving for school, you said mommy I prayed about a baby being in your tummy and God said okay and he told me I could hold it because I am a big girl!  I told you last week we booked our condo for our beach trip and you were beyond tickled!  You went to your room and said you would get all your bathing suits packed!  And you have learned to snap....correction daddy taught your to snap and you do it ALL DAY  LONG and you show EVERYBODY you meet how you can now snap!  Several times a week your inform me of what kind of birthday party you are gong to have and it changes every time!  Last week MC told you that you have to get 4 year old shots and you about lost it!  You refused to get them, refused to turn 4, and refused to go to kindergarten! You are now in your very own twin bed in MC's room!  We have spent over a month getting all the new furniture in, decorating and we are almost done!  It took you a week to stay in your own bed; but it was precious to find you cuddled up to sissy every morning!
You are more than a mess child, but you are our mess and
 we love so very dearly!

 I said.... Kinley open your eyes...................
 And this is what I get! Such a silly goose!