Sunday, February 2, 2014

Basketball, Movies, Bowling, Skating and more

 This is the first free weekend we have had since Christmas! We have been some very busy girls!
The day after Christmas we went to see Frozen in 3-D! It was an awesome movie and Kinley's first theater experience!  

 And no movie is complete without a blue slush!
 MC double strawing it;lol!
 The next night Uncle Jody's basketball team had a  tournament right by our of course we had to go!  LOVE how excited Greer is to see Kinley!

 Sweet sweet smiles!
And MC couldn't get enough Greer hugs!
 The next week we met up with our favorite girl again for a morning lunch and bowling!
 This was both my girls first times to bowl and they LOVED it!!!!
 KB rocking the not-so-cute bowling shoes!
 MC pre-first bowl!
 Greer just hanging out on the dino-slide!

 Aunt Paige trying to explain bowling to G!
 Snack break!
 world's cutest little bowler!
 Nope....I'm not up to anything,lol

 Two Saturday's ago we headed to the Kirby skating rink to celebrate cousin Emily's birthday!
 MC got to take her skates Santa brought her and she was in  heaven!!
 Little miss Greer rocking the tiniest skates...precious!

 Aunt Paige, G, and MC holding hands....precious memories!

 Kinley loved EVERY minute of skating! She would not stop and she was all over the rink!

 A picture with the birthday Girl!!!!!!

 Last Sunday Papaw Barry brought over the world's biggest marshmallows!
 So of course we had to roast hot dogs and make a bunch of smores!!!!

 The chocolate monster!
LOVE this picture!
 Papaw and his little buddy!
 And we have opened a beauty shop at our house.  I employ the cutest and cheapest stylist ever!
 Daddy had to work the first day we went bowling and he was said to miss out on the fun .... so on Presidents day we went back with him!!!!
 Look at this SUPER serious face...LOVE IT!!!!
 Apparently she doesn't breath the entire time she is bowling, she just takes a deep breath and holds it all in....... cracks me up!
 Kinley showing daddy how the dino-slide works!
 She loves watching the ball go down!

 And I couldn't' resist getting a few pictures of our daddy getting his bowl on!

 He hasn't lost his college bowling skills! He out bowled us all with 3 strikes and 2 spares!