Saturday, March 22, 2014


3-4-14: Well you have officially turned 6 1/2 years old!  I mean 7 is just getting closer and closer every stinking day MC!  You can't wait for your birthday, you are begging me to let you have a sleep over with TEN FRIENDS!  YIKES... 10 crazy girls staying up all night...OMG I may need some strong medication for that one!  I totally forget you can read and it catches me so off guard when you read a text on my phone, or sign in the grocery store.  Your top two teeth are getting lose and you are soooooo ready for them to fall out.  You told me last week your were going to ask the Tooth Fairy to leave you $1,000 for the first top tooth that falls out because it's your sweet tooth!  I cracked up and the had to explain that we don't tell the tooth fairy how much to pay us, it's a special treat if she leaves us anything! I am pretty sure that talk didn't sink into too because your response was......well it's at least worth $50!  LMBO!!!! You aint right girl!

 Love your smile!

 I mean could you look any older!!! :-(
 You did awesome in the 4H's kids mile run!  You ran the entire mile and your really kicked it in at the end. I had to all out sprint to catch up with ya!!
 MC showing off her 1st place medal!!!!
And our favorite time of year is finally here!!!! SOFTBALL.  We are practicing once a week and your games start in two weeks and this mommy can't wait!!!!!!!!! Love you Claire Bear!

Last Month to be THREE!

3-1-14: Kinley Bugs...this is it! This your last month to be month.... Three and a HALF!!!
 I tell you don't want to be 3 1/2 your want to be  FOUR and you want a
 Doc McStuffins or Frozen birthday party!  

 You would note take a picture without our Woo Pig Sooie sign....cracked me up!

 My little camera ham!

 oh gracious child!

 Just LOVE this! Make my heart skip a beat or two!
 I pray you always love, trust, and rely on one another! You bond is precious and strong and makes this mommy very, very proud!
 You are loving dance these days! They have ordered your costumes for your recital and you have started learning your dance!

 You still like rocking the piggy tails but you refuse to call them piggy tails..... you call them Two Big Girl Pony Tails!
 Just sweet!
 The 2nd weekend in March we did the 4H run and you had to be 4 to run but they made an exception and let you run this year!!!!!!!!! You were beyond tickled!!!
 Papaw Barry, Ms. Debbie, and Nana all came to watch you and sissy!
 daddy's little girl!
 Doing a few warm up sprints with her running partner!
 Runners take your mark...............
 And off they went!

 They didn't have a medal for you since your age category was no suppose to run..... but they gave your a completion ribbon and you were elated!!!!
 MC got first for her age and  you did amazing!

You just had your spring pictures taken at daycare and I am IN LOVE with them! I had no intentions of buying any this time around...... but I can't resist!  You just look so grown up and totally precious!  I love you Kinley Bugs!