Monday, April 28, 2014

3 1/2 Years old!

 Well I tried hard to get your 3 1/2 year old pictures done weeks ago but as soon as I took one picture my dang camera battery died!  And didn't take me 3 weeks to charge the battery....just three weeks to get back around to taking them again!  Our days are just so jammed packed with school, dance, gymnastics, and church that it's very  hard to find a few moment. But finally yesterday I had a few minutes to get them done.  You love talking pictures and you love getting to pick out the places to take them and the poses you do.  This month you learned to make your own pony tail and love to wear one everyday!  And this last week you have really taken to the side pony tail.  You love to change clothes and you do so like TEN times a day and you change shoes every time too! We just crack up over most of your selections! You are now making your own bed every morning and brushing your teeth twice a day all by your self! You are have become miss independent I tell ya. Your hair is growing like crazy!  I think by the end of May you will have enough to make bun for your dance recital!  You love to show us your routine and you love to sing songs about Jesus.  It just melts my heart to hear you sing such sweet, joyous songs.  Daddy was sick with the stomach bug two weeks ago and you asked everybody you saw to pray for your daddy to get better! You are OBSESSED with Frozen. You sing "Let it go" all the time and says lines from the movie constantly. I think you have watched the movie like 10 times now.  You would watch it 10 times a day if I would let you.  You ask what it feels like to get your ears pierced but after we tell you it will hurt for a few seconds you say I AM NEVER GETTING MY EARS PIERCED!!! You keep telling us.....When I get Four I am going to take my training wheels off and ride like a big girl!  You love summer time and ask me a hundred times a week....When can we go camping?!" It just seems totally impossible that you are 3 1/2 and getting ever so close to turning FOUR years old!  I am glad you are growing and we are blessed that you are in good health; but boy oh boy would I ever like to keep your little forever Kinley Beth!!

 loves this big ole silly smile!

 You look so grown up!
 So hard to believe you are half way to four years old!

 She loved that she was almost as tall as the grass!

 Oh goodness..........
 She is on a role............
 goodness gracious

 And this one topped the cake!
 Finally a sweet smile from my sweet baby!
 Mommy this is how we have to take pictures for the man that comes to our school....
LOVE IT Kinley! Just totally precious like you baby girl!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!


 The Easter Bunny ate up all the carrots we left him and left the girls some great sugary treats!
 Kin showing off all the candy jewelry she got!

 And LOTS of pencils for the Kindergartner!!!!!!!
 And they each got their very own bubble gum machine!!!!!!!
 My Special Easter Blessings!

 Just too sweet!

 Oh that big ole front tooth gap......I just love it!

 Daddy said okay yall stand here and I will stand right here. Yall say cheese...........
 Then they realized they had been tricked out of the picture..........HILARIOUS!!!!
                                                   Daddy and his girls!

I am afraid by next year she will be as tall has him!!!! EEEEKKKKK
 After church it was time for Easter lunch at Nana and Poppa's house!  I asked the kids to get on the fire place for some pictures..........I really thought I would get some serious,cute, precious pictures.......But I TOTALLY forgot who I was dealing with,lol!

 This is about the most serious and calm picture I got of these three rascals!

 Love these three wild childs!!!!!!!!
 Uncle Eric trying to explain the rules of the Easter Egg hunt but NOT a one of them was listening!

 Last picture before the broke lose!


 Kinley in full stride to show poppa the prize eggg she found!

 Sweet cousins!
I think poor Cooper was trying to run for his life!  These girls are like the two big bossy sisters he never wished he had,lol!