Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter at Mimi's!

Saturday Morning we woke to find that Spring had Sprung in our flower bed!  We are not sure who did it but some-bunny put all kinds of beautiful pinwheel flowers in our flower bed!  Kinley is convinced it was the Easter Bunny but Micah Claire is sure it was Nana!

 Flowers and colors galore! LOVE IT!!!!

 Kinley Beth in all her preciousness and mischievousness!
 Just love that smile!

 awwww just melts me!
 And then there is this that just makes my heart explode with laughter!

 Somebody has been watching big sister poses and picked this up!

 So blessed to have a healthy child but it sure is hard some days to see how fast she is growing!

 This snaggle tooth grin.........just makes my heart do big ole back flips!

 best still my heart!
 She took about 30 pictures and did so great.....and then BAM.... I got this,lol!
 Next thing I know, show was over, they refused to take any more pictures it was time to ride!

 We loaded up and headed to MiMi and Poppa Mikes house for Easter!  It was the prettiest, sunniest day we have had so far this year!

 The Cowart Grandkids forced to pose for a picture before we allowed them to hunt Easter eggs!
 KB was ready this year, no explanation or help was needed!

 Uncle Brian helping Kinley find those eggs!
 She searched high and low this year!
 My little Easter blessings!
 KB and Madelyn!  LOVE IT
 Emily and MC........some how neither one look like a little girl any more....
 And guess who found the prize $10 egg...........this snaggled tooth little girl was over SUPER excited!!!
 Mimi, Poppa and the kids
Family is such a blessing!  Very thankful for them all, they each bring something wonderful to the mix!