Monday, May 19, 2014

6 years 8 months; 3 years 7 months

Micah Claire I can't believe you are another month closer to 7 years old and I can't believe this is your last month of Kindergarten!!! This school year has just flown by! You are already talking about first grade and it just hurts my heart! You are reading chapter books like crazy now and it's amazing to hear you!  This last month has been JAMMED packed with gymnastics team practice, softball practice, and softball games.  There are some nights you just come home and want to go straight to bed!  You have finally got your back handspring back and it's so fun to watch you just flip all over the place!!!


These last few games they have played by the real rules of softball. If you are tagged you are out and boy let me tell ya it didnt' take ya long to figure out you didn't like that!

Two weeks ago, in between your 6 and 7pm game your tooth started bleeding and then ........... OUT IT POPPED!!!!
Love watching to progress so much in gymnastics!
I've even gotten away from the office twice this last month to surprise you at lunch!  I love to see the look on your face when you realize I'm there!
You LOVE to go to Craft Landing and paint!  This a door hanger you did a few Friday nights ago!
We sold all our living room furniture so that meant we had some major cleaning to the midst of all that you found the crown I wore at my wedding!  You have worn it for days! You even begged to wear it to school and church,lol!
The other day you wrote something and then moved on to something else. I noticed you left this out and I went pick up and throw it in the crash can and when I read it my heart just exploded!  "I am not Jesus but I am his child!"  Such true and precious words my sweet baby!
Only Kinley Beth you put the spunk into our lives!  You have so much dry humor it just kills me! You are so excited about being a big sister! You can not help but tell everyone who's paths we cross, wither we know them or not you still tell them!  The other day we were holding hands walking down to the dog pen and you said...........Mommy I love this baby!  I hope this baby loves me!  Oh my it took all I had to say, OH this baby will love you bunches, without crying like a little baby.  This month you have started trying to write you name and you are doing great! You can make the K, the I, E, and the Y! You are still obsessed with Frozen, so you begged me to braid your hair like Anna's for your monthly pictures! It turned out very cute but it made you look so much older!  You love wearing a side pony tail and ask for almost everyday!

You are a FROZEN-a-holic. You loved that Georgia Kate had Frozen themed swim party and have talked NON stop about wanting to have your own Frozen birthday party.
I love you my little cupcake face!

Last Monday they let us mommy's watch your dance for recital! You did GREAT! And you are sooooo excited that you get to wear make for dress rehearsal and the actual performance!
Little sister fun at bigger sister's softball practice!
I just love when I stumbled upon this picture!  My girls love each other so much! YES they absolutely fight like cats and dogs some days. But their love for one another is true and deep!  It truly makes this mommy proud!
My little girls looking like big grown up girls!
MC and KB you are my pride and enjoy! You bring headaches along with smiles that come deep down from my soul!  I am so excited for you both to become big sisters and to watch your love for your new sibling to grow!