Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend Full of Surprises!

 We told the girls on Friday night of Mother's Day weekend that baby #3 was on the way. They were shocked and excited! We had a canvas picture made of the girls holding the sign announcing #3 made for everybody.  Then it was time to tell our families! Our first stop was my mom's house.  It had to threaten the girls with every trick in my book to not tell her before she opened it. First we gave her, her original Mother's day gift of a monogrammed hat for our upcoming beach trip. It maybe took her 45 seconds for to open it and try it on.....but the looks on the girl's face you would have thought it was been 45 minutes. They were about to explode and I was VERY worried. But they did it, they kept 100% quite until she opened it.  

We totally surprised her and Stan, they had NO IDEA we were expecting and I love it!!!!!!!!! Her response is so emotional that its hard for this hormonal mom to watch! 

Then it was time to tell Ms.Debbie and Papaw Barry! Ms. Debbie was working so we had to do it at her store!  My dad was late.......of he missed the opening of the canvas and I didn't get to film his reaction.  He just lit up and gave me a hug and kiss and whispered in my ear........You're still my baby! YEP I lost it, big ole tears came a rollin!

Mimi was on her way home from Conway and we talked her into stopping by. The girls made her a Mother's day cake and wanted it give it to her along with the SURPRISE picture!

The girls did great each time; they kept quite till each mom got to read the canvas. I was so very proud of them. We are ecstatic to finally share our news with the girls and our families. And it just made my Mother's day weekend even better! We all love you baby C and can't wait to meet ya!!!!