Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The TOP SECRET Photo Shoot!

We finally decided to tell our families on Mother's Day Weekend so that meant taking pictures a week before hand to get everything ready!  So I found this super cute sign on Etsy and ordered it. I had it printed in Hot Springs and picked up after a doctor's appointment.  When I went to pay for it the girl at the photo counter said..... This is so cute, I have been waiting all day to see who picks it up! I said THANKS and that is EXACTLY why I did NOT have it printed off in my very small hometown.  She died laughing and said good idea!  Then we got some pink and blue balloons, got dressed up and started taking pictures.  Well I mean why in the dang world would this TOP SECRET photo shoot not go perfect........OH YEAH because it's our crazy life! I taped the balloons down and had the girls sit down and hold the sign.  Within seconds Kinley if playing with them and untapes them and OFF THEY GO!!!!! UHHHHHHH seriously!!!!!!!!!!!  Then my kindergarten, who I forget can read, says OUT LOUD......PINK OR BLUE!!!!!! OMG I ABOUT CRAPPED MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!  I immediately grab the frame from her and turned it back around.  She was puzzled as to what that meant.  I told her it was a special surprise we were working on and she could NOT read the sign!  I knew if she read the rest of it we would be screwed! Our secret would be out of the bag and around the world in 10 seconds! Then not even 5 minutes into talking pictures my step dad drives up! UHHHHH hide the picture....act totally normal girls!  Thank goodness he is a total man and totally oblivious to what was actually going on!  But when all was said and done we got some great pictures! Ones I will forever treasure!

LOVE this! I said....make a surprise... I said........ We are gonna have ice cream for dinner tonight!
The "make a silly face: picture!

I said now make a face like I told ya we are gonna have a baby...........MC's face totally cracks me up!  They were so excited I hate to tell them....not yet guys but maybe soon!  Little did they know,lol!