Monday, June 9, 2014

Amazing Grace Dance Recital 2014

5-31-14: Amazing Grace Dance Recital! 
Sweet Kinley bugs you have waited (not so patiently) for this dance recital!  After a Thursday and Friday night dress rehearsal it was FINALLY time for the real show!  You were so excited to get on stage and show everyone the dance you had worked so hard to learn but you were ECSTATIC to be able to wear full make up for it!!!  Daddy was not so ecstatic about you wearing makeup,lol! I was given strict instructions to not make you "look like a street walker!" When you are MUCH older I will explain what he meant! 
 My little ballerina!

Ready to hit that stage and break a leg ;-)
You look so grown up it's almost heart breaking!

This picture just stops me dead in my tracks....... you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside my love bug!
Standing on the steps of the chapel where mommy and daddy said I DO! LOVE IT!!!

Just simply precious!
You had a ton of family come to the recital! You were so excited Greer, Aunt Paige, and Uncle Jody came!
Kinley and Cadie!  Totally gorgeous and looking so grown up!  IDK how these babies grew up so fast!!

Daddy's little girl!

My little love bug ballerina!
Kinley and twins!
sweet nana kisses
Poppa Mike and Mimi came!

Aunt Ashley, Uncle Eric, Cooper, and even little Parker came!
My sweet girls!
And of course Papaw and Ms Debbie came and brought you both a boutique of flowers!

 Then it was time for the show to start!!!!

The world's cutest 5 little ballerinas!

Kinley and Bentley sitting behind the curtain waiting for their turn!

 My precious little ballerina at the finale!
The full Dance Praize Cast! Such a wonderful, precious group of girls. They all did an AMAZING job!