Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Am I four yet mommy?!?!

Oh Kinley Beth the time is just passing by so quickly. But not quick enough for you! You are ready to be FOUR and you are ready to be a big sister!  You just about drive me nuts many more days till I am I four yet mommy.......when will the baby get out of your tummy!  If you have one question you have a million!  You are taking gymnastics this summer and LOVING every minute of it!  You are learned so much, it's awesome to watch ya!  You can do a handstand, a cartwheel, a handstand forward roll and split leaps!  You will try ANYTHING your sister tell you to.....which is good and bad sometimes! I love that you are fearless and willing to try new things but I wish you had some kind of radar to say....hmmm maybe I shouldn't do that, or .....that may get me hurt!  You have had lots of tears this summer because....Sissy told me to!  

Uhhhh..... you look so grown up here!

My sweet girls!

You love being out on the boat or swimming in the pool!

But apparently you got too much sun and got sun poisoning last weekend! You had this red rash all over your body. It looked way worse than it actually was.  And the only way to help it heal is to stay out of the sun.  YEAH that's super easy to do during the dead of summer in Arkansas!
 You are so fearless, so not like your sister at this age!  You love jumping off the diving board and begged me to let you jump off the high dive at HSU......but I was just to scared to let ya and that just devastated you!  You started swim lessons last week and you have progressed so much!  You are now swimming and jumping off the diving board with no life jacket at all!